Twisted Turns – Nana Konadu Explains Her Walked Out During DKB’s Performance

Nana Konadu & DKB

DKB for some days now has been under heavy criticism for some acclaimed unfunny and vulgar jokes that Ghanaians say he cracks. His criticism came to light when media reports suggested that Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings called him a boring character and walked out from his performance at a recent comedy show. However, there’s a new twist as Mrs. Rawlings is asking “who is DKB?” during an explanation for her infamous DKB-exit.

The Former First Lady on Onua Fm’s ‘Anigye Mmre’ entertainment show when asked about the “boring-DKB issue” wondered who DKB is but well remembers that out of the comedy shows she’s been to, Ghanaian comedians have employed too many vulgar expressions in their jokes.

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