Sonnie Badu Denies Recieving $50k from Government to Perform at The Launch of the National Cathedral in USA

sonnie badu

Gospel musicia Sonnie Badu and the National Cathedral Secretariat have reacted to viral reports on social media suggesting that the Sonnie received $50,000 to perform at the launch of Ghana National Cathedral in USA. This was made public on twitter by an account with name @cecil_kwabenad. The tweet read: “I’m sure the handlers of @SonnieBaduuk … Read more

All Rich Politicians In Ghana Are Thieves Including Me – Kennedy Agyapong Confesses


Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has confessed that all politicians in the country who are wealthy as thieves. According to Kennedy Agyapong, young people nursing ambitions to join politics must understand that only politicians who steal get rich. In other words, politicians are taking monies from the coffers of government to better … Read more

Shatta Wale Exposes Rot And Corruption Happening In 3Music Awards


Never step on the toes of Shatta Wale because all the good things you did for him goes out the window and he rubs your face in the gutters. For some days now, CEO of 3music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai Abu, has become the newest target for the multiple award-winning Dancehall star. On radio, TV and … Read more

Ghanaians Call For The Arrest Of President Nana Addo And Mahama After Ex-President Jacob Zuma Was Imprisoned


Some Ghanaians have called for the arrest of President Nana Addo and NDC flagbearer John Mahama following the arrest of ex South African President Jacob Zuma. Ex President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt after refusing to appear before a corruption hearing this year. Earlier this … Read more

‘Next Time You Won’t Make Fake Promises To Ghanaians’ – Yvonne Nelson Tells Politicians


The pressure on government to fix the poor state of a 64 year old country keeps getting hotter with many personalities adding their voices. Actress and activist Yvonne Nelson has expressed that the youth will continue to mount pressure and expose the bad and greedy leaders in the country. READ ALSO: Just In – NPP … Read more

Vim Lady Reveals How Some Politicians Are Planning To Kill Top Journalists In The Country – SEE


Media Personality Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady has revealed in a Facebook post how some politicians are plotting to murder some journalists in Ghana to cover up some corruptions. Afia Pokua said these journalists have already received several threat messages from these politicians and Ghanaians should not be surprised if we hear news that top … Read more

I’m In A Rush To Know Who Our Next Corrupter Will Be – Efia Odo Says


Andrea Owusu also known as Efia Odo has opined that Ghanaians joining long queues to vote on December 7 was to elect the next corrupt person to assume the Presidential seat. The Electoral commission of Ghana has announced that latest by 5pm today, the final Presidential election results will be declared and the winner announced. … Read more

‘I Just Voted Out Corrupt Official 1’ – Bulldog Reveals Who He Voted Against In The Election


Lawrence Asiamah aka Bulldog has disclosed the Presidential candidate he voted against in the ongoing election. Bulldog, who is a strong supporter of John Mahama and the NDC, indicated that her voted out Corrupt Official 1 and his family. He also urged his fans to do same. READ ALSO: God Is Not Real If Nana … Read more

Management Of Adom TV Are Hypocrites For Apologizing To Akufo-Addo – Sammy Gyamfi Fumes


Sammy Gyamfi has described the management of Adom Tv as hypocrites and cowards for apologizing to President Akufo Addo for airing A disdainful footage against him. The management of the television station explained in a statement that Sammy Gyamfi did not show the full content of the footage aired on NDC’s “Nokware Mmre”. READ ALSO: … Read more

Video Of Nana Akufo-Addo Taking Bribe Is Fake – Manasseh Awuni Shows Evidence (Watch)


This week began with a viral video of a ‘corruption Investigation’ that implicated the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo. In the video, an individual alleged to be the President was seen receiving a $40,000 bribe. Aside from the $40,000 which was handed to the President in a brown envelope, 1000 pieces of T-shirts were waiting … Read more

May The Best Thief Win – Musician Worlasi Sends Controversial Message To Presidential Candidates


While many celebrities calling for peace before, during and after the election, multi-talented musician Worlasi has taken an unconventional way to preach peace. READ ALSO: Mahama Turns 62 Today – Read Touching Messages Ghanaians Send On His Birthday In a tweet addressed to his fans and all the Presidential candidates who’ll be voted on, Worlasi … Read more

GCB Building Was Burnt To Cover Up A Major Corruption In Ghana – Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s Old Video Reveal Secrets


Yesterday, there was a fire outbreak at kantamanto and the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) tower flamed for over four hours. Before the Fire Service could doused the flames, it had destroyed priceless possessions worth millions of cedis. READ ALSO: Rare Video Claiming Nigel Gaisie Prophesied J.J Rawlings’ Death Surfaces Would you believe if i told … Read more

Details Drop On The Arrest Of Popular Ghanaian Dancer Incredible Zigi – Video


News emerged earlier today that popular Ghanaian dancer Incredible Zigi was arrested at East Legon by the police. READ ALSO: Nayas Threatens To Curse Pamela Odame With Antoa If She Does Not Stop Dragging Her Name In The Mud— VIDEO A video was seen with the public figure in cuffs and bound to a nearby … Read more

Corruption Worst Under Akufo Addo – Koku Anyidoho

Koku Anyidoho

Koku Anyidoho, the Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has stated that corruption is going to be worst under President Akufo-Addo.

He made this statement after listening to a tape on President Akufo Addo’s fight against corruption on UTV’S Adekye Nsroma programme.  He asserted that an immoral act constitutes corruption, and at such appointing 110 ministers is an immoral act that will eventually put pressure on the public purse.

On the tape, the president was reacting to the recent news of the arrest of some customs officials responsible for the loss of about GH¢1.2 billion in revenue to the state. The president added that the arrest of these officials is part of his government’s efforts to block revenue leakages at the country’s ports.

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Corruption in Ghana | 5 Leaked BECE Papers Cancelled…The Society is Rotten At All Levels

BECE pupils
BECE pupils

I’ve always argued that contrary to Ghanaians pointing fingers at politicians as corrupt individuals; almost every ordinary Ghanaian is involved in some sort of corrupt enterprise in his or her backyard. Again, the fact that the politicians are regularly selected from the pool Ghanaians shows that they are no different from the masses.

The Ghanaian society is pathetically rotten at all levels—and the only way we can deal with corruption which is costing us both money and our integrity is to tackle it from the grass root.

No country is immune from examination malpractices and question leakages but in Ghana, this is just not a misfortune, it’s a convention. Both the learning and teaching units go all out to look for examination questions—and some institutions as well as individuals pay huge sums of money to actually get their hands on these materials.

At that level, we may not consider such actions as corruption or thievery—we may think we are being smart, trying to play the system to obtain what we do not deserve.

Our leaders have this same mind-set; awarding a contract to a Nephew who does not deserve it does not amount to corruption, it’s just playing smart or beating the system.

Almost each year, examination papers are leaked in Ghana and if you’ve not perched this tradition alongside the hovering national epidemic-corruption, take a few minutes to do so. It’s all about cheating; and we actually entertain this from the lowest level of our educational systems.

During my Secondary School days, several students stayed up till dawn—and don’t get me wrong, they were not learning. They were making ‘tiny books’ where they would write key information. These books were mostly smuggled into examination halls—for them, they were being smart but for us all, it’s the beginning of dishonesty, the foundation of corruption.

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Corruption In Ghana – It Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon!

map of Ghana

The yet to be released Global Corruption Barometer for 2013 suggests that in Ghana, 54% of the 2000 respondents reported that corruption has increased in the past two years while only 20% reported that corruption has decreased.

Similarly, 64% of the respondents felt that corruption was a very serious problem while 18% felt it was a serious problem, bringing the total to 82% who felt that corruption is a problem. Only 6% felt corruption was not a problem while 12% were undecided.

The report goes on and on in fancy English a laywoman like me and others may find a bit difficult to understand.  At usual, the police force was the head of the corruption gang and the last group – the NGO’s.

Corruption is a complex social, political, and economic phenomenon. It is widespread in Ghana because conditions are ripe for it.

The motivation in the first instance to earn income is extremely strong and coupled with the wide spread poverty, weak legal systems, the absence of the rule of law, low and declining civil service salaries, sky-high youth unemployment and permanent uncertainty about the future, especially a chaotic democratic future, corruption has all the needed roots to yield in Ghana.

Corruption is the language of Ghana, it is spoken and understood by all and sundry. Corruption starts from the petty perks (police, AMA/KMA market collectors) to the almighty mega back pass (civil servants, political bigwigs and school heads).

Simply put, it is always ‘what’s in it for me’. Offering something to gain an illicit advantage and abusing a position of trust to gain an undue advantage is the way of life in Ghana.

First and foremost, the report itself is/was corrupt because I really don’t think people who are at the giving/receiving end of corruption even participated.

I was expecting 85% of respondents reporting an increase. 15% out of the 100% will be babies and kids who have no money to offer to get through life. The group of people, who struggle under the sun to pay more tax in the name of tolls and market whatever – what is the probability that they were involved in this survey (or whatever was done to access those figures)?

Check out these scenarios:

There’re some individuals in higher positions in Ghana, believe it or not, have nothing in their coconut heads. To construct a simple sentence is even a struggle. Do you know why?

When he/she started in life, the only way he climbed on the education ladder in good quality school was through bribery. From basic school through to university or otherwise was achieved through bribery – his/her parents had the money to bribe that headmaster/headmistress through to higher education. Why bother to learn if daddy can see me through education without good grades?

Mind you daddy is also busily collecting the mega bucks in his office, not in salary, but …The child learns that the only way of getting through life is dishing out money and abusing positions of trust to gain an undue advantage.

What is the probability that when he/she is an adult, he/she will encourage her children to study their way through education? The end result, occupying a position he has no clue about because as usual, daddy got him a job through the usual route. The country is at a loss.

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OBS: Corruption Galore At Ghana’s Passport Office

Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country—Karl Kraus. According to DailyGuide; The acquisition of passports in Ghana has been characterized by unpalatable circumstances for some time now. Anytime the issue crops up, authorities quickly address it temporarily to … Read more