She Has Fire In Her Soul And Grace In Her Heart; She Is Deborah Vanessa


Sister Deborah is a beauty to admire for all eternity—call it cosmetic or whatever, all we know she has this dazzle that is absolutely hard to overlook. READ ALSO: Efia Odo Would Never Cease To Amaze Us- Her Latest Revelation Is ‘OVER US’ The singer shared a picture of herself donning a peach dress and … Read more

A Lot Of Ladies Are NOT Going To Love Jude Okoye After Reading This


We live in the age of cosmetic surgeries— many women than can be counted would love to have that hourglass figure with that beautiful behind and tiny waist and all that artificial enhancements that leave some men getting hard in between their legs for nothing. Moesha, Princess Shyngle, Kim Kardashian Blac Chyna and a host … Read more

I Support Cosmetic Surgery If And Only If It Is For Medical Reasons- Gifty Anti


Talk about the pressure society laden people with and our men looking for some sort of elusive perfection from ladies and you are not far away from the reasons why people, especially women put themselves out there to get operated on. I see nothing fancy about the Moesha Budoung and the Princess Shyngle’s but talking … Read more

Princess Shyngle Must Be A 'FOOL' If She Thinks We Believe Good Dieting Gave Her This Cosmetic Body


Princess Shyngle

Editor of, Chris-Vincent says Gambian doll, Princess Shyngle should be illegal already for walking around with such a body— not for its beauty but for the fact that it comes with a lot of health issues.
You know it is one thing undergoing cosmetic surgeries just to look a certain way one prefers and loves and it is an entirely different thing to tell the world that whatever ‘banging body’ you have is all naturally endowed. At least have the decency to admit the truth.

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