Ghana, A Journalist Gets Beaten for Asking a Question | He Sues for Assault/Battery & Then DROPS the Case…What Does that Tell You?

Asamoah Gyan and Baffour Gyan
Asamoah Gyan and Baffour Gyan

It would not be far-fetched to say Ghana is a land of comedy—and most Ghanaians have no regard for Justice, their integrity and hardly hold any entrenched worldview. You can almost easily buy everything in Ghana, including buying the conscience of people.

In fact, for financial gains or pocket stability, most Ghanaians have already sold their conscience and do not think beyond the box. Neither do such people live for anything except money—the sad truth is; they would not even accept it.

People care less about having a worldview or opinion or strengthening Justice, and more about money—and you cannot disregard the fact that, a hungry man will always put his stomach first. But at least, the hungry man must recognise that, man does not live by bread alone.

It came as a shock to many of us when Daniel Kenu, Ashanti Regional Editor of the Daily Graphic newspaper was brutally assaulted by Baffour Gyan, the senior brother of Asamoah Gyan for simply asking a question on the minds of many Ghanaians—that, if as speculated, Asamoah Gyan really sacrificed his friend-Castro for riches.

Apart from being a free speech advocate, this question sits well with rationalism—and a simple Yes or No answer would not have killed Asamoah Gyan or anyone. But as usual, egos must have kicked in as known of Ghanaians in authority—be it financial or public elevation, people beneath them have no right to ask questions or challenge their actions.

So after failing to answer this simple question and many at the venue including important Ghana Football Association officials condemned the journalist for asking, Asamoah Gyan’s brother organised some ‘macho’ men to beat the hell out of the journalist- Daniel Kenu.

It came as a relief to some of us when Daniel Kenu sued. Aside the obvious punishment that laid ahead for Baffour Gyan for the battery/assault and the compensation for Daniel Kenu, this was going to serve as a precedent—more of a deterrent to show that we are out of the Stone Age and we have moved past the Animal Kingdom days when the strongest hammered and killed the weak at will.

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A Journalist Asks Asamoah Gyan a ‘STUPID QUESTION’ in Ghana & He Gets Beaten? | The Animalistic Behaviour of Third World Citizens

Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star
Asamoah Gyan-Captain of Black Star

Few days ago, it emerged that a certain journalists with Daily Graphic- Mr. Daniel Kenu had asked Ghana’s Black Stars’ captain-Asamoah Gyan a “stupid question” and apart from the fact that, Asamoah Gyan and many others were angered by the question—Asamoah Gyan’s older brother-Baffour Gyan was later reported to have gotten the journalist beaten/assaulted, by some macho men he hired.

As a strong Human Rights advocate, the above makes me wonder what sort of animals some of us are or have become, at a time when we are relentlessly fighting to move away from such barbaric happenings…

From what I’ve heard, the ‘absurd’ question the journalist asked was to get a confirmation or otherwise from Asamoah Gyan on whether he actually “sacrificed” his friend-Theophilus Tagoe popularly known as Castro for riches—considering the mystery surrounding Castro’s recent disappearance at Ada.

This question may seem unnecessary in relation to the timing but no one can totally ignore the fact that the hovering superstitions and speculations somewhat make this a valid question—and if a journalist wants to ask, he has every right, be it legal or moral to ask.

Asamoah Gyan has a RIGHT to answer or choose not to answer and for a person in his position, answering the question even if he thought it was absurd would have been the best option.

I do not think it would have taken much of his breath or taken anything away from him to have just answered with a smile by saying; that is a far-fetched superstition and nonsense; I do not know anything about this and I can never do this to anyone, talk of my own friend I love.

It is interesting to know that Asamoah Gyan has played and stayed in the United Kingdom before—and currently plays and stays in a foreign land where you have some very provocative press men well protected by Press Freedom or Freedom of Speech who could have asked this same question. And I wonder if he would have treated them the same or his brother would have proceeded to have a journalist from UK’s Mirror or Sun Newspaper beaten for asking this same question.

Such occurrences do not just bring to light our poor understanding of the most important RIGHT we may have as human beings, Freedom of Expression but also, it puts to test how much we’ve developed out of the animal skin—and more importantly, how we believe those whose words offend us must be treated.

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