Forget Moesha And Joselyn Dumas’s Obengfo Aided Huge A$$; Hamamat Montia Hourglass Figure Is The REAL DEAL


The news of self-acclaimed actress and Instagram slayer Moesha Budoung passing through the able hands of Dr Obengfo to achieve her body goals did not surprise a lot of us as much as that of Joselyn Dumas, we all thought she was all natural. READ ALSO: Three Generations Of Greatness; Let’s Bow To Efya, Hajia4Real And … Read more

Moe$$ha AGAIN! She Has Disappointed Us All Over Again And We Cannot Deal With It


blankWhiles, we are still trying hard to find out which bot-bellied man bought our social media actress the Hyundai Santa Fe, she has given us a picture that is not the usual.
Moesha is known for showing way too much flesh but the actress who has not even gone beyond two movie roles is almost all covered up in this new photo.

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