KiDi Better Makes Wise Decisions If He Does NOT Want To End Up Like The Veteran Musicians He Feels Sorry For


Most times, one cannot help but ask themselves the kind of life some of these veteran musicians, actors, actresses and people in the entertainment industry lived that, it gets hard for them when they are no longer relevant. Almost all of them had a not too happy ending both financially and healthwise. READ ALSO: VIDEO: … Read more

This Picture Of Okyeame Kwame's Daughter Sante Will Remind You Of All The Good Decisions You Have Made In Life


blankA beautiful and formidable family only births fortifying children and it is no surprise that Okyeame Kwame’s daughter, Sante¬†Antwiwaa Nsiah Apau is this healthy and adorable.
The Rap Dacta has one of the most enviable families there is. It has been forever and he looks just the same and better with his wife and two kids.

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