She Is Someone’s Daughter – Delay Exposed After Flaunting Close Friend’s Daughter To Rubbish Barrenness Claim


Bombshell! Delay has been exposed for flaunting kids who are not hers to rubbish barrenness claim. Yesterday, Delay took social media by surprise as she released a photo of her supposed secret daughter. Delay posted her cute daughter and deleted the photo after a short while. She also refused to add a caption. But coming … Read more

Photo Of Delay’s Alleged Second Daughter Pops Up – Fans Marvel At Her Beauty

delay car

Delay is causing a huge confusion on social media with photos of some girls purported to be her daughters. Yesterday, Delay broke the internet with the first photo of her cute daughter. Interestingly, Delay deleted the captionless photo, leaving fans to think whatever they want. Again, Delay has shared a second photo causing a massive … Read more