Delay Lacks School Sense – Fight Between Delay And Akwasi Aboagye Gets Bloody


Deloris Frimpong Manso Delay and Peace FM presenter Akwasi Aboagye are fighting. The two media personalities are in a verbal war after Akwasi Aboagye criticized Delay for demoralizing the youth she recently talked to. According to Aakwasi Aboagye, Delay made fun of one of the attendees of the program who disclosed that she wanted to … Read more

Nipa Fooo, I Came To Meet You In Accra But Look At You – Delay And Akwasi Aboagye Fight Dirty


Delay has recently come under intense backlash after her mentorship program. It seems Delay stepped on many toes as she has constantly been under attack following the program. Currently, Delay and Peace FM broadcaster, Akwasi Aboagye are fighting dirty after the latter passed some comments about Delay’s speech at the ‘Youth Experience’ program. READ ALSO: … Read more