I’m Crazier than You – Diehard Fan of Delay Tells her As He Tattoos her Name on His Groin – Video


A diehard fan of Delay has caused a stir after tattooing her name right on his naughty areas. The fan, who claims to be crazy, has tattooed Delay’s name and initials around his groin. The tattoo reads Delay, with ‘DFM’ (‘Deloris Frimpong Manso) underneath it. A video of him proudly showing off his tattoo to … Read more

Hot and Bothered Delay Tears Into Arrogant Celebrity Who Tried to Advise her On How to Run her Show

delay car

An angry Delay (Deloris Frimpong Manso) has torn into an unnamed celebrity who she says tried to advise her on how to run her show. Delay, who obviously considers herself probably the greatest interviewer in Ghanaian history, was very ticked off that someone tried to advise her. Even worse, she says the person is someone … Read more

Viral Video Of A Scary Looking Lady Pops Up – Mean Trolls Say She Looks Like Delay


Social media trolls are having a field day online as a video of a lady surfaced. A Ghanaian lady was seen in a viral video speaking all sort of funny comments about her looks and wishing she was prettier than she looked. Although body shaming is an act of trolling, the looks of the lady … Read more

Delay Tensions Social Media Users With Close-Up View of her Beefed Up ‘Assets’ – Videos


The big man in the business, Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay, has tensioned social media users by dropping a video. Delay isn’t one to consciously flaunt her assets every single day for attention – think of Princess Shyngle or Moesha before she found Jesus. However, today she has decided to do the same and the … Read more

Delay’s Interview Style Should Be Taught in Journalism School – Michael Oti Adjei

delay bulldog

Ghanaian sports journalist Michael Oti Adjei says the interview style of Delay should be taught in journalism school. Oti-Adjei’s comments come after an old video of Delay interviewing ailing actor Psalm Adjetefio popped up. In the interview, the ‘Taxi Driver’ actor was sobbing as he recalled abandoning his kids to chase after a woman he … Read more

Gemann To Marry Delay


Gemann, the popular Ghanaian musician turned evangelist has made his intentions clear to marry popular television presenter Delay. Gemann has been trending the past week or so after his story resurfaced. For those unaware, Gemann was one of Ghana’s biggest stars about 3 decades ago. However, all his stardom came to nought when he was … Read more

‘Take His Phone, Go Live And Introduce Yourself If Your Man Does Not Post You On Social Media’ – Delay Advises Women

delay bulldog

39 year old single lady, Deloris Frimpong-Manso aka Delay has given women some advice on how to announce their presence in a relationship. According to Delay, if it is taking forever for your man to introduce you to the world as his girlfriend, take his phone, go live and introduce yourself. In her opinion, waiting … Read more

Blame Delay For Introducing An Uncultured Person Like Afia Schwarzenegger To Ghanaians – Actress Says – Video


Since Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa became Afia Schwarzenegger, the ears of Ghanaians have not been spared from insults from one scandal to another. Fame has made Afia Schwarzenegger think she is entitled to opine on every matter in Ghana, even when it does not concern her. She will make you curse your stars when you mistakenly walk … Read more

You’re Crazy, Your Mind Needs to Be Checked – Delay Unloads on Bulldog on Her Show

delay bulldog

Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay unloaded on Bulldog after he appeared on her show and said he’s ready to help his daughter become a prostitute. Delay blasted Bulldog as a crazy man for openly passing such comments, especially on her program. The fearless talkshow host has made it a dangerous move to appear on her … Read more

We Called Each Other ‘My Love’ and Even Exchanged Cars – Agyemang-Badu Explains His Deep Relationship With Delay

agyemang-badu delay

Former Black Stars midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu has denied ever dating television presenter Delay. Agyeman-Badu says they had fun together as friends but they were never a couple. The Ghanaian international spoke with Samuel Kumah of Sammy Kay media in a quite lengthy interview. Badu was asked about rumours that he once dated the Ghanaian broadcaster … Read more

‘Asaase Aban!’ – Fans Can’t Keep Calm After Delay Displays her Huge Chest on Social Media


Fans of the best interviewer this land has ever seen, Delay, cannot keep calm on social media. The ‘big man in the business, as Delay has christened herself, recently posted a photo showing off her massive chest area – her ‘b**bies’ if you know what I mean. READ ALSO: 5 Bedroom East Legon Mansion For … Read more

Delay Angrily Fires Back After A Fan Said her Fat Face and Boobs Show She’s Pregnant


Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has hit out at a fan for claiming that she’s currently pregnant. Delay slammed the fan as a ‘womb watcher’ and said she’s not pregnant and should be left alone. READ ALSO: Destiny Changed – Inspiring Before and After Photos of the Street Hawker Nana Aba Anamoah Turned Into A … Read more

Delay Savagely Replies A Fan Who Complained About The Way She Dressed – Screenshot


Unforgiving TV show host Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay dealt mercilessly to a nosy fan who mistakenly walked into her trouble. On Social media, some people have actually made it a habit to comment ill or criticize everything another person does and this person knocked on the door. READ ALSO: You Will Always Be Called … Read more

Delay Started Selling Mackerel After I Gave her Broken Heart – Clemento Suarez


Ghanaian comic actor Clemento Suarez, real name Clement Ashiteye, has revealed that he once gave Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay a broken heart. According to Clemento, Delay started selling sardines after he gave her a broken heart. Clemento was a guest on the ‘Delay Show’ to have a chat with Delay. READ ALSO: Burna Boy … Read more

Delay Flaunts Shiny Wedding Ring to Prove to Haters She’s Married as She Claims


Delay has once again subtly confirmed that she’s married, or at the very least engaged, in a new photo making rounds online. The photo, uploaded by Deloris herself, shows her loudly flaunting an expensive and very shiny ring. Delay in recent weeks has been dropping hints confirming that she has a man she’s hiding somewhere … Read more

Super Private Delay Finally Flaunts Husband and Beautiful Daughter


Tv presenter and interviewer extraordinaire, Delay, has finally revealed she’s going to unveil her husband and child to Ghanaians. Delay has been reported to have secretly gotten married and welcomed a baby girl but she has yet to confirm or deny it publicly. READ ALSO: Super Adorable Video of Van Vicker and Kids Chilling In … Read more

Delay Pens Beautiful and Motivational Love Letter to Herself As She Turns 38 – Inspires Everyone they Can Make It


Media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso is celebrating her birthday today, June 25th 2020. Delay turns 38 years of age, gradually approaching the magic number 40. READ ALSO: Shatta Bandle Wins The ‘Don’t Leave Me Challenge’ As He Gets Chased By Dogs In An Attempt To Run – Video To mark the day she wrote a … Read more

Delay Lists Her Biggest Regrets In Life But Looking Radiant Definitely Is Not A Part Of It- PHOTOS


We all have regrets— some of us have so many that we have given up on counting each one of them. Delay is no different. The tv and radio presenter says she has some and has listed and shared them unapologetically with her Instagram fans. READ ALSO: Efia Odo Exhibits Her ‘Ignorance’ – Claims Coronavirus … Read more

‘You Are Mad’ – Delay Angrily Slams Social Media User Who Said She’s Barren Because She Sold her Womb


Delay can never seem to catch a break. No matter how many times people troll her with marriage or childbirth, they never get tired of it. It’s like the only thing people see about her – must be very tiring if you are Delay. READ ALSO: Sister Derby Mocks Fella Makafui – Says Her Relationship … Read more

VIDEO: I Washed Delay’s Clothes And Cooked For Her But She Treated Me Like A Slave When She Became My Boss – Says Afia Schwar


Afia Schwarzenegger and Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay were best of friends in the Ghanaian entertainment industry when Schwarzenegger first burst unto our TV screens.

Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa played the popular role of Afia Schwarzenegger in Delay’s hit TV series ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’, where the talkative played the lead role and enjoyed positive reviews from many Ghanaians.

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Video- Ghanaian Men Are Jobless And A*skissers So I Don’t Date Them – Says Bleaching Ambassador And A Descendant Of Micheal Jackson, Ella Mensah


Ghanaian self-acclaimed celebrity and socialite, Ella Mensah has thrown yet another bomb into the Ghanaian media landscape with her usual braggadocio.

Few days ago, reported that the wannabe celebrity has said point-blank on the Delay Show that she spends 2,000 British Pounds on bleaching injections just to look like Micheal Jackson.

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Video- TV Host, Deloris Frimpong Manso Begs Her Friend To Dash Her A Boyfriend


The feminist movement in Ghana has given a lot of Ghanaian women the will power to fight for things that rightfully belongs to them and to push for social equality among both genders, as many of them claim we live in a patriarchal society, thus a society that sees men way above women.

Many of these self- acclaimed feminists have fully misinterpreted the real intent that gave rise to feminist movement all over the world to mean that as a woman you do not need help from anyone, most especially men, to be able to succeed but rather you can do everything and I mean everything by yourself. How is this even possible?

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Video- I Am An Attention Seeker But Akuapem Poloo Is A Mad Woman- Says Xandy Kamel


I have said here on a number of occasions that both Akuapem Poloo and Xandy Kamel are a bunch of attention-seeking hypocrites clouded in celebrity status.

People chastise for saying the obvious truth but in the long run, the people we write about come back to confirm our assertion.

Read more