Dhat Girl Narrates How Her Friend Sold Her To Three Guys To Be Raped – Video


Budding singer Dhat Gyal has shared a sad misfortune that happened in her life. This week, Ghanaians have heard very sad¬†revelations from the talented mash up queen from how her mother died to she living on drugs in the streets. Dhat Gyal told Delay in a recent interview that she was tricked by her friend to … Read more

Dhat Gyal Drops Impressive List Of All the Powerful Drugs She’s Used On Delay’s Show

dhat gyal

Dhat Gyal has dropped a super impressive list of all the powerful drugs she’s ever used in her life and boy, it is mindblowing! The talented mash up queen shocked the unflappable Delay as she admitted to the kind of drugs she’s done in her young life. She knew everything about drugs and had names … Read more