Emotional As Dhat Gyal Performs for the First Time After Recovering from Addiction and Depression – Video

dhat gyal performance

It was an emotional moment for attendees of Kwabena Kwabena’s ‘Live Konnect’ show as Dhat Gyal stepped up on stage to perform. The young songstress has been through a lot and has only started getting her life back together recently, thus it was amazing for her to take this next big step in her recovery. … Read more

Dhat Gyal Trolled As Photos Of Her Self Made Horrible Makeup To A Program Pops Up Online


Seriouly, social media is sometimes not a place for fun at all. People just drive people insane and often hurt their emotions. If you are not the type with tough skin, certain thing are going to be mentally and emotionally draining for you – most definitely! Young Ghanaian singer, Dhat Gyal is currently being trolled … Read more

Dhat Girl Narrates How Her Friend Sold Her To Three Guys To Be Raped – Video


Budding singer Dhat Gyal has shared a sad misfortune that happened in her life. This week, Ghanaians have heard very sad revelations from the talented mash up queen from how her mother died to she living on drugs in the streets. Dhat Gyal told Delay in a recent interview that she was tricked by her friend to … Read more

Dhat Gyal Drops Impressive List Of All the Powerful Drugs She’s Used On Delay’s Show

dhat gyal

Dhat Gyal has dropped a super impressive list of all the powerful drugs she’s ever used in her life and boy, it is mindblowing! The talented mash up queen shocked the unflappable Delay as she admitted to the kind of drugs she’s done in her young life. She knew everything about drugs and had names … Read more

Ayisha Modi To Adopt Dhat Gyal And Support Her Financially After Traumatic Story About Her Drug Addiction


Ghanaian producer She-Loves-Stonebwoy, popularly known as Ayisha Modi has promised to extend support to a young talented musician, Dhat Gyal. Ayisha has vowed to do everything in her power to save Dhat Gyal from her drug addiction and to provide financial support to her following her traumatic story. READ ALSO: 26 And Highly Favoured – … Read more

All You Need To Know About Dhat Gyal – Her Backstory, Ambitions, And Plans For The Future

dhat gyal

Dhat Gyal is a name anyone who didn’t live under a rock a few years ago has heard, but not much is known about the origins of the internet sensation. Dhat Gyal broke into the entertainment scene with her mash-ups of other people’s songs which she sang with so much passion, earning her the side … Read more

Wendy Shay Helps Out Dhat Gyal After Hearing How Drugs Destroyed her – Heartwarming

wendy shay dhat gyal

RuffTown Records star Wendy Shay has offered to help out Dhat Gyal after listening to her very sad story about how her life has been destroyed. Dhat Gyal, who became a social media sensation a few years ago and was thought to be Ghana’s next big thing, has fallen into a life of loss, drugs … Read more