You Can Never Be Younger Than Mzbel – Diamond Appiah Roasted As Paparazzi Exposes Her Ancient ‘Yoomo’ Face


Ghanaian socialite and failed musician, actress and politician, Diamond Appiah, has been heavily trolled by fans after appearing at an event looking as old as her nickname (Ghana @ 60). Diamond appeared at the Ghana DJ Awards over the weekend, with her looks completely exposing her real age! Diamond often insists, in contrasting herself to … Read more

I Performed MzBel’s “16 Years” Song at A School Program in JSS 1 – Abrewa P3t3

diamond mzbel father

Diamond Appiah is all in on the beef with MzBel after dropping another lengthy audio explaining her relationship with the 16-year-old hitmaker. In the audio, Diamond Appiah educates Ghanaians who do not know the difference between classmates, agemates, and senior colleagues. READ ALSO: You Talk Too Much, If You’re Wise, Drop Your Assets Let’s Compare … Read more

I Was Onstage With You But Not As A Dancer – Certified Liar Girl Diamond Appiah Reacts To Claims She Was Mzbel’s Backup Dancer


Certified liar girl, Diamond Appiah, has reacted following reports that she used to be a backup dancer for Mzbel. Diamond says the claim is a lie, although the facts appear to support the claim. A while back, a video surfaced on social media in which it was revealed that Mzbel and Diamond were in Equitorial … Read more

I Am Prettier Than You And Living Your Dream Life – Diamond Appiah Tickles Herself In A New Message To Mzbel


Ghanaians are laughing at Diamond Appiah for jumping on social media to claim she is prettier and more wealthy than Mzbel. Afia Schwarzenegger is beefing Mzbel and she occasionally sends her wingman diamond to throw punches at her opponent Mzbel. Trying to please her master, Diamond Appiah took to her Instagram to rain insults and … Read more

‘Sensitive’ Diamond Appiah Deeply Hurt after Mzbel Slightly Trolled Afia Schwar – Claps Back at her

diamond mzbel father

The laziest billionaire in history, Diamond Appiah, has taken shots at Mzbel after she hit back at Afia Schwar trolling her late father. Self-proclaimed billionaire Diamond always has time to fool on social media and never seems to be working to maintain her imaginary billions. She also always attacks others yet a little song and … Read more

‘Borla so Hypocrite!’ – Diamond Appiah Blasted for Pretending to Sympathise with Gloria Sarfo Over her Mum’s Death

diamond appiah ayisha

Diamond Appiah has been raked over the coals by social media users after putting up some hypocritical behaviour. Diamond, whilst rejoicing over the death of Mzbel’s father, has decided to commiserate with Gloria Sarfo who recently lost her mum. Sarfo, as we reported during the week, sadly lost her mother in an abrupt manner. READ … Read more

Mzbel Drops Devastating Response to Diamond Appiah for Rejoicing Over her Father’s Death

diamond mzbel father

Successful veteran Ghanaian singer Mzbel has dropped a devastating response to hateful comments passed by failed counterpart Diamond Appiah over her father’s death. Mzbel recently lost her father and Diamond Appiah, being the scum that she is, decided to rejoice over his death. She passed several comments, mocking Mzbel over her father’s death and rejoicing … Read more

‘Chorkor Orphan in the Building’ – Heartless Diamond Appiah Mocks Mzbel’s Following her Father’s Death

diamond mzbel father

Heartless old soul Diamond Appiah could not be a decent human being for two seconds and is mocking Mzbel over her father’s death. Taking to social media, she’s trolling Mzbel over losing her father, calling her a ‘chorkor orphan’. Her actions even make no sense because her so-called friend Afia Schwarzenegger also just lost her … Read more

Why Will A Billionaire Write Such Rubbish on Social Media? – Ghanaians Are Over Diamond Appiah’s Fake Claims of Wealth

diamond appiah birthday

Diamond Appiah has been blasted by netizens for her continued ranting on social media fighting people like Mzbel. The self-proclaimed billionaire is the only billionaire in history who spends all day, every day, fighting useless battles on social media. For instance, she spent most of the past weekend taking shots at Mzbel, writing long essays … Read more

My Family Forced A Man to Marry Me After Impregnating Me – Unserious Diamond Exposes herself In New Mzbel Beef

diamond appiah marriage

Diamond Appiah has once again exposed her own self in a pathetic attempt to bring down Mzbel, revealing her marriage was a sham. Everytime the ‘celeb*tches’ fight, all they do is expose each other but they never seem to learn. Sometimes you’re so focused on taking down someone that you end up taking yourself down … Read more