Why Will A Billionaire Write Such Rubbish on Social Media? – Ghanaians Are Over Diamond Appiah’s Fake Claims of Wealth

diamond appiah birthday

Diamond Appiah has been blasted by netizens for her continued ranting on social media fighting people like Mzbel. The self-proclaimed billionaire is the only billionaire in history who spends all day, every day, fighting useless battles on social media. For instance, she spent most of the past weekend taking shots at Mzbel, writing long essays … Read more

My Family Forced A Man to Marry Me After Impregnating Me – Unserious Diamond Exposes herself In New Mzbel Beef

diamond appiah marriage

Diamond Appiah has once again exposed her own self in a pathetic attempt to bring down Mzbel, revealing her marriage was a sham. Everytime the ‘celeb*tches’ fight, all they do is expose each other but they never seem to learn. Sometimes you’re so focused on taking down someone that you end up taking yourself down … Read more