Jealous And Bitter Soul! – Diamond Appiah Roasted After Posting Ancient Vacation Pics To Shade Tracey Boakye


Disappointed musician, politician and socialite, Diamond Appiah, has been trolled heavily once again after showing how jealous she is of her so-called friend, Tracey Boakye. Over the past few years, ever since Diamond forced herself into the Tracey Boakye-Afia Schwarzenegger friendship to form the ‘mafia gang’, she has been observed multiple times behaving in a … Read more

Bitter And Lonely Akpe Attacks New Bride Tracey Boakye For Faking Her Riches – Fans React

diamond appiah tracey

Stewing in envy, bitterness and jealousy, an uneasy Diamond Appiah has lashed out at her former friend, Tracey Boakye. Diamond has launched a nuclear attack on Borla Bird. She went on one of her long rants on her Instagram stories. READ ALSO: Curvaceous Akua GMB Causes Stir As She Tw#rks In The Midst Of Ashanti … Read more

This Is Akpe’s Handwriting – Bitter Diamond Appiah Exposed After Allegedly Paying Blogger To Drag Tracey Out Of Envy


Diamond Appiah has been accused of being so bitter and jealous of friend Tracey Boakye’s upcoming marriage that she’s paying people to drag her down. Media personality and social media vlogger Naana Brown dropped a lengthy video recently dragging Tracey Boakye over her impending marriage. She slammed Tracey for saying previously that she doesn’t have … Read more

Diamond Appiah Jealous of Tracey Boakye in Turkey – Opens Fire on So-Called Friend

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Low self-esteem sufferer Diamond Appiah has shared pathetic old photos of herself on vacation to compete with her ‘friend’ Tracey Boakye. Tracey is in Turkey on holiday and painted the internet with some photos Wednesday. Immediately the photos came out, jealous Diamond Appiah went into her archives for some outdated photos to show she also … Read more

Brainless Diamond Appiah Continues to Throw More Shade at Tracey Boakye – Fans Expose Her

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Diamond Appiah has once again tried taking shots at her ‘enemies’ but ended up shading her so-called friend Tracey Boakye. Still on her crusade to take down Despite, Diamond tried rubbishing Despite’s birthday ceremony but ended up trolling Borla Bird instead. Fans decided not to let it pass by and blasted her for her witchy … Read more

Billionaire Wearing Primary School Teacher’s Shoe – Diamond Trashed for Ghc 1 Shoe She Wore to Nhyira’s Party

diamond appiah tracey

Diamond Appiah claims to be a billionaire but the shoes she wore to Tracey Boakye’s daughter’s birthday party is being mocked by netizens for being a cheap pair of fakes. In Ghana, everyone claims to be a billionaire on social media whenever they feel like it. If you listen to Tracey Boakye, Afia Schwarzenegger and … Read more