Learn From The Preman Millionaires And Remove The Maternity Dress And Azar Paint Makeup- Fans Mock Tracey Boakye And Diamond As They Compare Them To Hajia4real and Salma Mumin


The attention of the day is on Afia Schwarzenegger’s one week observation for her late father and the shenanigans of the celebrities in attendance.  The chaos hadn’t fully started when BB and Diamond arrived but because comparison is the thief of joy, this is where we are now.  The mafia gang thought they were the … Read more

‘The Low Budget Millionaires Came To Represent’ – Tracey Boakye And Diamond Appiah Spray Dollars On Afia Schwar As She Mourns Late FatherAt One-Week Service


Leaders of the ‘Mafia Geng’, actress Tracey Boakye and Diamond Appiah were part of the many celebrities who came to join Ghanaian comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger mourn her father at the One-Week celebration today. Afia organized a One-Week memorial ceremony for her late father Mr. Augustine Adjei today at The Temple Petroleum and got many industry … Read more

Billionaire Papa Ben? – Flashy Diamond Appiah Busted Wearing Ghc 35 Dress Bought from Cheap Store – Photos

diamond appiah ghc 35 dress

Self-acclaimed Ghanaian billionaire Diamond Appiah has been busted in yet another lie which doesn’t match the image she portrays. Diamond has told us she’s the richest young billionaire around – although she’s not that young, we’ll let that slide for the moment. We’re only interested right now in the billionaire part. Diamond always tries to … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Smiles Again As Her Millionaire Friends Tracey Boakye And Diamond Appiah Visit To Mourn With Her – Video


Bereaved actress, Afia Schwarzenegger has been captured wearing a beautiful smile even as she mourns her father. Schwar is currently at her lowest point grieving the painful death of her father. According to her, her heart keeps breaking over and over when she thinks about the fact that her father, Augustine Agyei, affectionately called Kwaa … Read more

Xandy Kamel, Diamond Appiah And Others Surprise Tracey Boakye In Bed With Goodies As She Celebrates Her Birthday – Video


Actress Tracey Boakye, aka his only chick is celebrating her birthday today. She turns 31 today, Monday, January 17th 2022. Well, Tracey started planning this very day long before its dawn and so be ready for bigger surprises because she is definitely turning the gram upside down. READ ALSO: Afia Schwarzenegger’s Sick Father Has Died … Read more

Top Villager Diamond Appiah Flaunts Tacky Gold-Plated Office Straight Outta China Mall – Video

diamond appiah office

Here we were thinking Ghana’s Next Top Villager competition was going to be an easy slum dunk for everyone’s favourite East Legon Landlady. However, top braggart Diamond Appiah has come out of nowhere to snatch the title from her so-called ‘friend’. We’re now proud to announce that Diamond is in a comfortable lead as Ghana’s … Read more

Even Despite and Kwaku Oteng No Write This – Social Media Roasts Broke Diamond Appiah for Writing A Book on How to Become A Millionaire


“One cannot give what they don’t have neither can they say what they don’t know” but it seems this old saying is null and void in the sight of Diamond Appiah. Ghana’s self-made female boss and real estate investor, Diamond Appiah has launched her first book titled ‘The secret to become a Millionaire’. On social … Read more

Diamond Appiah Allegedly Battling Lung Cancer Due to ‘Excessive Smoking’ – Insider Drops Details


Alleged Ghanaian billionaire Diamond Appiah might need all that billions she claims to have because it’s been claimed she has lung cancer. The claim comes from her sworn enemy Adu Safowaa so take it with a pinch of salt. These two have been beefing since time immemorial and would say literally anything to attack the … Read more

Confused Adu Safowaa Caught In An Embarrassing Lie as She Desperately Tries to Take Down Diamond Appiah


Social media users have descended on Adu Safowaa as she struggles in the midst of another beef with Diamond Appiah. These ladies are always slamming each other so it’s confusing trying to follow what they’re saying. Every single thing they do is just a cry for attention therefore they will say and do anything. Adu … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Summons Tracey Boakye And Diamond To Fight Mzbel And Tornado


If you have to be controversial to stay relevant, it must be exhausting when no-one gives you the attention you are desperate for. Afia Schwarzenneger needs to entertain her followers to get ads to fund her highs and lows. Now that no one sees her worthy of two words, she is throwing more shots. She … Read more

Diamond Appiah Continues One-Sided Beef With Delay – Calls Her Broke With Evidence


We never thought we will see the day Diamond will call Delay broke but alas, the audio hotel owner has decided to let us know that Delay is actually broke. It may surprise you but Diamond called Delay a failure and called her “ambobra”. The same Diamond who singlehandedly has failed in every showbiz venture … Read more

Diamond Appiah Reacts To Adu Safowaa’s Claims That She Pays Small Boys To Sleep With Her

diamond appiah adu safowaa

Since yesterday, Adu Sarfowaa has been attacking personalities on social media with no warning. We know in Ghana, the verified way of staying relevant as a celebrity is to insult or attack people on social media so it was not a surprise she was doing that. She alleged that the Range Rover Nana Aba Anamoah … Read more

Diamond Appiah Exposed for Allegedly Paying Underage Boys to Sleep with Her! – Juicy Details

diamond appiah birthday

We said and it has happened. Adu Safowaa has fired back at Diamond Appiah and it is a kill shot! Having described Diamond’s earlier attack on Adu Safowaa as a brutality, it’s only fair to call this one a fatality! Adu Safowaa has slapped Diamond real hard, to hell and back! The two are beefing … Read more

It’s Only In Ghana that An ‘Armpit Smelling Wannabe’ Can Drag Down A Successful Woman for Clout – Diamond Appiah Brutalises Adu Safowaa

diamond appiah adu safowaa

Diamond Appiah has come out swinging wildly against Adu Safowaa in her ongoing one-sided beef with Nana Aba Anamoah. Diamond brutalised Adu Safowaa in a post we just can’t wait to see Safowaa’s reply to. You know a huge battle is about to erupt! Diamond was ticked off that Adu Safowaa had picked a fight … Read more

I Will Never Join You In Your Gutters, Losers – Akua GMB Boldly Jabs Tracey Boakye, Schwar And Diamond Appiah


The silent beef between Tracey Boakye, Afia Schwarzenegger, Diamond Appiah and Akua GMB has gradually gotten inflamed! It’s become fire and it’s been back and forth for some time now as Tracey and Akua are throwing salvos at each other. Recently, there were reports about Tracey Boakye’s master plan to snatch Dr. Kwaku Oteng from … Read more

‘Official King Of The Mafia Gang’ – Diamond Appiah And Afia Schwar Eulogise Hopeson Adorye As Twene Jonas Faces Deportation

twene jonas adorye

Controversial Ghanaian socialites, Diamond Appiah and Afia Schwarzenegger have hailed politician Hopeson Adorye after reportedly getting Twene Jonas wanted in the U.S. A video went viral yesterday as Hopeson Adorye revealed that Jonas is currently hiding because he is facing deportation in America. According to him, Twene Jonas has been sacked from work, evicted from … Read more

‘Don’t Let Them Use You, I’ll Go Down On My Knees And Beg For Your Forgiveness In Public’ – Ayisha Modi Humbles Herself Before Diamond Appiah


We never thought there was someone who could tame Ayisha Modi and send her crawling on both hands like a lamb ready for slaughter. Ayisha has ‘met her meeter’, in the person of Diamond Appiah, and has hurriedly asked for a truce in a social media fight with her. A post sighted on the official … Read more

BUSTED! Diamond Appiah Recycles House She ‘Bought’ Last Year and Claims It’s her New Mansion for Her Birthday – Photos+Video Evidence

diamond appiah mansions

If we go by social media, the richest people on planet earth are in Ghana. We are talking about slay queens with no discernible source of income who nevertheless splash the cash like there is no tomorrow. Diamond Appiah recently celebrated her birthday. To mark the day, she gifted herself a new mansion/hotel to chill … Read more

Fans Hail Diamond Appiah After Celebrating her 34th Birthday for the 10th Consecutive Year

diamond appiah birthday

Fans of Ghanaian socialite Diamond Appiah have hailed her for being a robotic terminator who never ages. According to fans, Diamond is celebrating her 34th birthday for the 10th consecutive year. I think that is a new record! Diamond celebrated her birthday over the weekend and according to her, she’s 34 years of age. READ … Read more

MANIC MONDAY – Diamond’s Audio Real Estate Coup, Tracey Boakye’s 40k Audio Donation and All the Showbiz Gist That Happened Over the Weekend


It’s a new week and we are getting ready to go forward and face it with strength and courage. In the real world, people are working hard to survive in this hot Ghana. But on social media, our celebrities continue to live in and enjoy their audio lives. On MANIC MONDAYS, GhanaCelebrities.Com would bring out … Read more

Diamond Appiah Flaunts Crazy Hips After She Was Teased Of Stuffing With Pads


Self-acclaimed Ghanaian billionaire, Diamond Appiah has flashed her banging bikini body after she was teased of stuffing her hips and butt with pads. The failed politician turned socialite has recently caused a fuss on the internet after she continually attacked Mzbel for reasons best known to her. READ ALSO: Obinim and Wife Storm Bofowaa’s Birthday … Read more

Diamond Appiah Goes Savage As She Takes Down Mzbel and Ayisha Modi In One Expose

diamond appiah ayisha

Diamond Appiah has gone savage on Instagram this morning taking shots at Mzbel and Ayisha Modi. Diamond is taking loyalty to an extreme angle, fighting people who are yet to say a word about her because she feels they are attacking friends of hers. Ayisha Modi has been fighting Afia Schwarzenegger in a deadly battle … Read more

Billionaire Slay Queen Diamond Aimlessly Walks the Streets of Barcelona for Attention – Video

diamond appiah barcelona

Diamond Appiah is trying to take a bit of the shine Miami has granted Tracey Boakye hence has decided to take some aimless strolls in Barcelona for videos. Tracey has been making all the news recently after her ‘Papa No’ sponsored trip to the United States of America. Since landing in Miami, Tracey spends every … Read more

Diamond Appiah Body Shames Mona Gucci – Calls Her ‘Johnny Bravo’

mona gucci diamond appiah court

Disappointed politician Diamond Appiah and disappointed slay queen Mona Gucci continue to delve into new lows as their ongoing beef intensifies. This morning Mona Gucci woke up feeling herself because a blogger had written a piece weeks ago about fans drooling over her cleavage. She bragged about being “fearfully and wonderfully made” and splashed it … Read more

Diamond Appiah Charges Fans $120 For Private Videos – Cathedral Kwraa Y33 Tua S3n?


Some people tend to over-value themselves till they become delusional. No one with less than 200 thousand followers should think 120 dollars per view will have anyone supporting.  How much does Sister Derby charge for her only fans subscription again? Even she with over a million followers decided to be reasonable. Diamond Appiah the self-acclaimed … Read more

Stop the Nhwehwenimu Charity – Diamond Appiah Blasts Nana Akua Addo with More Shocking Revelations


Late yesterday and today saw social in a frenzy as there were leaked conversations between Moesha’s P.A and Salma Mumin whom she has a long-standing beef with.  The conversation contained information leaked by Moesha’s P.A Nelson, to Salma Mumin about Moesha’s private life from which people she is dating to which pastor is defrauding her … Read more

‘Not Everyone You Call Bestie Is A Real Friend’ – Diamond Appiah Takes Shots at Fake Friend Afia Schwar?


Diamond Appiah might be acting all gung-ho about her relationship with trouble maker Afia Schwarzenegger, but she seems to be having some reservations which means she might be smart after all. Afia Schwar has fallen out with every single person we have known as her bestie or close friend, and it is always some nasty … Read more