Do You Have Any Sensible Answers Ladies? A Guy Once Proposed To You But You Declined, Later You Go Telling Others ‘He Even Once Proposed To Me’ – So?


Maybe the female readers on may help me understand the sensible reason behind why ladies behave so – thus, go about telling people that a guy once proposed to her simply because she is now having issues with him.

It’s an observation I’ve made for more than 20 years and I know most guys too have possibly observed or experienced it too. If you are a guy who has a female friend or relative, you are most likely to hear her share at some point, how a guy, usually a rich, revered or popular figure, once proposed to her but she declined.

They always make such disclosures when the guy is now moving on with a better or more beautiful lady, is well to do now than formerly, vying for an esteemed position, or conversely if the guy is rather doing worse now!

Most of these ladies who exhibit such acts, as I’ve come to believe, have one of many motives – to blackmail, slander, shame or feed into their false ego! They always say it with some air of mystery, contempt, and sometimes pure jealousy – as though it was a crime the guy wanted to commit to her.

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