Ekow Blankson Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Cause Of Death


Ghana has lost another famous personality in the movie industry to the cold hands of death. Before his death, Ekow Blankson was a famous Ghanaian actor and businessman who played roles in many movies. Ekow Blankson’s death was confirmed on many news portals on October 3rd, 2022. He was 50 years old. Ekow Blankson starred … Read more

Veteran Actor Ekow Blankson Is Dead

ekow blanskon dead

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Ekow Blankson, widely known for his roles in multiple movies including in Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘Checkmate’, has sadly died. Ekow Blankson reportedly passed away today, October 3rd 2022. He previously worked as the Managing Director of TV Africa and was the commercial manager of Ghanaweb before his demise. READ ALSO: Violence As Evangelist Agradaa Slaps … Read more

Ekow Blankson Apologizes To Kumawood For Describing Them As "Concert Party" – Read Full Apology


Actor and Managing Director of TV Africa has cowardly retracted the statements he made in an interview with SVTV Ghana describing Kumawood as nothing more than a “concert party” and also describing the new actresses and actors as boring and worrying to watch. His comments have infuriated the movie industry and the backlash he has … Read more

Akrobeto Is A Better Actor Than Ekow Blankson And He Knows It – Kofi Asamoah Blasts Ekow Blankson For Calling Kumawood "Concert Party"


Just recently TV Africa’s Managing Director, himself an actor Ekow Blankson described the Kumasi movie industry affectionately known as Kumawood as a concert party with no direction whatsoever. This hasn’t gone down well with the folks at Kumawood and they are letting him have their piece of mind. Describing the new crop of Ghanaian actors … Read more

Ghanaian Actors Are Comedians In Disguise – Ekow Blankson Describes Kumawood As "Concert Party"

Ekow Blankson

Most Ghanaians are ardent movie lovers but would never be caught wasting time to watch Ghanaian movies simply because of the sheer mediocrity and low-quality acting that is characteristic of most of our current movies. Most of our movies lack originality and most of those we parade as our best actors and actresses are really … Read more

More Photos From The Premiere Of ‘Shackles’ & ‘Secret Burden’ In Kumasi Feat. Selassie Ibrahim, John Dumelo, Abeiku Santana, Tagoe Sisters & Others

Kumasi on Saturday hosted various personalities as Smarttys Management and Productions premiered two of its movies. Since movie premiere became popular in the country, Accra, the capital has been a preferred destination for premieres. From Silverbird Cinema to National Theatre – the action has always been in Accra. Kumasi welcomed various personalities to the Golden … Read more

‘Death After Birth’ Sound Track Released!

Jackie Appiah On Death After Birth Set
Jackie Appiah On Death After Birth Set

Roger Q Productions, the producers of ‘Death After Birth’ has just released the movie’s soundtrack performed by Nana Frema from the maiden edition of the Vodafone Icons: Divas Edition.

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The movie ‘Death After Birth’ is an emotional story of a young girl, Zynell [played by Jackie Appiah] who was born out of the rape of her mother.

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Ghana Movie Industry’s Talented & Versatile Actors!


The Ghana Movie Industry is doing relatively well. The industry has also come to an appreciable level where its actors and actresses get recognition at prestigious awards on the African continent, Europe and lately in America.

But I strongly believe that, it won’t be too strong a word to say that, the industry lack versatile actors. Truth be told in plain language, versatility is almost non-existent in Ghanaian movies. Also, the industry is small, that every actor who does a movie gets noticed.

Very often Ghanaians [annoyingly true] mistake how good-looking an actor is to mean he is a good or versatile actor, but that’s utterly not true. Let me remind you that being all good-looking has got nothing to do with how great you are when interpreting movie scripts.

Being a great actor like Harrison Ford or Nicholas Cage is one thing and being a handsome bloke like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio is also another thing all together. It should be noted that, I’m not in any way saying Harrison and Nicholas are the best of unappealing actors, neither am I saying Brad and Leonado are not good actors.

I get more confused if not worried or worried if not confused whenever a scriptwriter writes a script with a particular actor or actress in mind. This practise is rampant in Africa. In a way, it goes to show that, the said actor is a typecast who specialises in particular roles and also means the person isn’t versatile.

Acting is an art that can be acquired but most actors were born with the talent – those actors are naturally versatile. In football, a versatile player is referred to as a utility player – a person who can operate and play any position in his team. It doesn’t matter the challenge, such a person will fit in perfectly especially when someone is injured or suspended.

Versatility in acting is when an actor is able to play many roles and still be in character. The actor should be playing varied roles from a different genre [romance, comedy, blockbuster, thriller among others] to another.

It is not mostly about playing different characters though, it’s about being able to act different roles and look believable. A great and versatile actor knows how to get into character and switch back when the need arises. This means that, Ghana has only few versatile actors out of the whole lots.

An actors’ mannerism when interpreting any role is very important. Interestingly, offer a role to a Ghanaian actor and you are sure to get the same person in return. Give an angry-looking role to good-looking Kofi Ghana to interpret and you will surely get good-looking Kofi Ghana in your movie.

Such actors are called typecast. They are only there to play one particular role in all their movies. There are no ‘wow factor’ for such actors, since they appear to be the same in all movies.

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