Elikem And Pokello Got Married? | We Don’t Think So!

Elikem and Pokello6

Considering the characters involved, it’s more likely that this is one of their many ways via which they go after attention—so we are not buying into the developing story that somewhere in Zimbabwe, Elikem and Pokello have gotten married.

The below photos of Elikem and Pokello with the family of Pokello which would pass for an annual family thanksgiving service at church or something like that have gotten people talking—with some of the blogs saying the two are married.

These two are attention wh*res and if they really got married, we bet they would have made¬†more noise about it than just post some ‘lousy’ photos out there on facebook and allow people to just speculate.

Anyway, you can flip through the pages for the photos—we certainly think the two are not married.

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