Embossing VGMA winners’ Names on Plaques is Not Necessary-Charterhouse PRO

VGMA 2014
VGMA 2014

Though many art critics in Ghana have called on the organizers of Vodafone Ghana Music Award VGMA to consider embossing the names of the scheme’s winners on the plaques or statuettes, the PRO of Charterhouse (organizers of VGMA), Mr. George Nii Armah Quaye, thinks otherwise.

Embossing a person’s name on an award’s plaque or trophy to an awardee or honouree is very important but Charterhouse or the Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Board seems to have waved it off – considers it as a piffling issue.

One of three reasons why embossing an awardee or honouree’s name on a plaque or trophy is the fact that it ensures: readily identification, forestalls doubt and makes room for easy reference. But, Mr. Quaye begs to differ.

Speaking on Channel R’s 205 Total Entertainment, host of the programme asked Mr. Quaye what Charterhouse has to say with respect to those who are calling on them to emboss winners of the award scheme on the plaques. Mr. Quaye who reacted partly in the first and second person pronounce, explained.

What difference will it make to award plaque I (as in the musicians or winners) have won? If your name is not on the plaques does it change the state that it’s not yours? Does it change the fact that you won it?

When you got the award, all the media were there so does it change the state that you won it? So without your name, it does not change the fact that the award was yours. We still know those who won!” The host, Christian Agyei Frimpong, suggested to Mr. Quaye that it is necessary and can be done.

“It is possible. It’s done in the UEFA champion tournaments. About some 5 minutes for the game to end, the organizers determine the winners and emboss their names on the plaques for the winners – players” Christian Agyei Frimpong revealed.

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