More Than Just A Celebrity, Emmanuel Adebayor Goes To The Rescue Of The Alligator Kids

Aligator Kids


Togolese international football star-Emmanuel Adebayor, who has made Ghana his home and has embraced several industry persons as brothers, has once again showed that, he is an exceptional celebrity with a good heart.

To the surprise and joy of many, Adebayor is reported to have agreed to sponsor 3 children who have been attacked by a strange skin disease, which doctors at Jirapa, in the Upper West region, have failed to treat. The current medical bill run into several thousands of dollars and it is expected to increase as treatment continues.

Apart from the commendations coming from those who’ve heard of Adebayor’s move to save these children, many are of the opinion that, our celebrities should adopt Adebayor’s kind heart—and do more to help the poor.

According to The Chronicle;

Mr. Adebayor, The Chronicle gathered, has already mandated his agent, Fred Nuamah, the Executive Director of Ghana Movies Award Foundation, to liaise with all persons and organizations trying to assist in treating the children.

In a telephone conversation from his base in the United Kingdom, Adebayor said he got to know about the plight of the children through a lady, Faustina Dakora, late last year. He subsequently asked Fred to contact the children through the lady, for further discussion.

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