Emmanuel Adebayor Rejected Aston Villa Loan Deal Because His Pastor Said It Was Not The Right Move For Him

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi has been dealing with a lot of personal baggage for a while now. It is a serious family issue that has led to his revealing he’s felt suicidal once and his brother actually attempting to commit suicide.

And it has greatly affected his professional career as well. His current club, Tottenham Hotspur, have been trying to offload him for a while now. His performances have dipped, leading to the club freezing him out. However, his £100,000 a week wages meant he had to find a new club as you cannot have someone earning that kind of money and just sitting on their bum doing nothing.

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Funny Face Involved In Accident: Escapes Unharmed

Funny Face1
Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face was involved in an accident Friday afternoon from he which he narrowly escaped.

The comedian was in his range rover, the one gifted to him quite famously by Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor. And although he was hit by an articulator track, he managed to come away unscathed.

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Meet Adebayor’s Stunning Wife, Charity and Daughter Kendra (Photos)

Emmanuel Adebayor’s wife and mother of his only child Charity, celebrated her birthday Thursday (June 18). The Tottenham Hotspurs star took to his Facebook account to share a beautiful tribute alongside a stunning photo of his girlfriend. “SEA, for me your birthday is just like another day. With you being by my side everyday is a … Read more

Rotimi Adebayor Attempts Suicide After Public Shaming By His Brother

Rotimi Adebayor, the younger brother of Emmanuel Adebayor, who was accused of being a thief by his brother; apparently attempted suicide in Togo yesterday. A report from website, claims Rotimi stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife, in the attempt to end his life. The action is believed to be linked to the … Read more

Emmanuel Adebayor to Host A Big Charity Musical Concert in Lome-Togo

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

Every hardworking individual deserves some sort of break from his/her strenuous job once in a while to pave way for recreation. It is based on this philosophy that emanates the aphorism; “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

To unremittingly stay energetic, the power of relaxation ought not to be downplayed, and that’s exactly what Togolese soccer icon – Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor – is doing.

In spite of all the brouhaha gaining grounds in his family, the Tottenham Hotspurs striker has decided to put that behind him and organize a mammoth charity musical concert, assembling a plethora of musicians to perform.

The 2-day musical concert (June 13 – 14) which is put together by the Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor (SEA) Foundation is projected to draw over 5,000 music lovers to the Marcelo Beach and Stade de Kégué where the concert will take place.

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Part 3 of Emmanuel Adebayor’s Family Story Out │ He Shares All You Need to Know About His Elder Brother – Kola Adebayor

For all those who have been enthusiastically waiting for third consignment of Emmanuel Adebayor’s story, voila, there you have it. The Togolese football star who plays for Tottenham Hotspur has been very emotional recently, revealing all the ‘dirty’ secrets that exist in his family. As he puts it, someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has … Read more

Adebayor’s Brother Begs For Forgiveness: ‘I’m Sorry For Everything’

On Sunday, Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor took to his Facebook account to slam younger brother Rotimi Adebyor for constantly stealing his properties. The footballer said his brother stole shirts given to him by late footballer Marc Vivien Foe and legend Zinedine Zidane. “In 2002, I went to play the AFCON in Mali and I had the … Read more

Emmanuel Adebayor Shares More On Facebook: Reveals More About His Brother Rotimi

Rotimi and Emmanuel Adebayor
Rotimi and Emmanuel Adebayor

Adebayor and his family are obviously at that place where they’re just mindlessly lashing out, hurting each other constantly without anyone bothering to look at the bigger picture.

After the footballer revealed a lot about his travails with his family on Facebook, his sister also hit back and basically said his family have disowned him.

Well, Adebayor was not finished. He promised his fans a sequel to the story, and a sequel he has given. In the first post, he mentioned his brother Rotimi Adebayor, he whom he got into a football academy only for him to steal the mobile phones of other players.

In the second one, he elaborates more on the ‘crimes’ of Rotimi. If what Adebayor is saying is true, Rotimi is a career kleptomaniac and it’s a surprise he hasn’t been arrested yet. Or maybe he keeps it to those who are related to him.

Adebayor recounts numerous instances where his brother chose to steal from those closest to him: from him Adebayor, from his club teammates, and even from his mom an expensive gift Adebayor had gotten her.

Read Emmanuel Adebayor’s expose below….

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Emmanuel Adebayor’s Sister-Lucia Hits Back | She Says Adebayor is a Goddamn Big Liar & The Family Does Not Need Him Again

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

Being an African, it’s impossible to understand why footballer-Emmanuel Adebayor will lie about the kind of support he gives his family—more also, he is pretty good at giving to even strangers.

The fact remains that, Africans are greedy and when they know you have some money coming through, until they milk you dry, they wouldn’t consider anything you give to them as enough.

Following Adebayor’s recent facebook post in which he stated bitterly how his own family has treated him—taking more and more from him and yet claim he has done nothing for them, his sister-Lucia Adebayor has hit back, claiming the footballer is a goddamn liar.

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Emmanuel Adebayor Bares His Soul: Basically Calls His Entire Family Golddiggers Who Are Only Interested In His Fortune

Emmanuel Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor

Adebayor and his family have not had the best of relations in the past.  They also love playing their family drama in the public domain.

Late last year,  his sisters accused him of neglect,  and that despite his massive wealth he has done virtually nothing for them and their mother.  The striker hit back,  accusing them of using ‘juju’ to try to derail his career.

It’s been quiet on that front since,  and whilst you would think they’ve used the time to solve their issues,  it turns out it’s been nothing of that sort.

In a lengthy post on his Facebook,  the Tottenham Hotspur forward tears into his entire family.  His sisters,  his mother,  his brothers;  the only person spared was his late brother Peter Adebayor.

He talked about the house in East Legon,  which he said he bought for his sister Yabo to inhabit,  yet she rented out without his knowledge.  When he called to enquire,  she rained insults on him.

He also recounted how he gave huge sums to his brother Kola to start a business,  yet nothing materialised of that.  He got another of his brothers Rotimi into a football academy in France,  yet all he did was steal the mobile phones of other players.

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Emmanuel Adebayor Says He Will Definetly Play For Hearts of Oak Before Ending His Football Career

Emmanuel Adebayor

For anyone who calls himself an avid supporter of the Tottenham Hotspur’s key striker Emmanuel Adebayor, that person must know Adebayor was raised in Accra, Ghana. Originally from Togo, the winner of the BBC’s African Footballer of the year award in 2007 has openly and proudly stated his plans to play for the professional Ghanaian football club, Accra Hearts of Oak before he hangs up his football boots and retires.

Often described by the media as ‘The lanky goal-getter’, he stands tall at 6”3 and prides himself for playing for his native national team ‘The Sparrow Hawks’, locally called Les Eperviers  and is responsible for helping the team qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in 2006 when he scored 11 goals during the qualifiers. This result was said to be more than any other player that played in the African qualifiers. As the team’s top striker, scoring 27 goals to date and with such a track record, this is a man to have as player on your team.

Adebayor says the decision to one day play for the Phobians  has always been in his plans and has talked to the media on many occasion about his great admiration for the teams ‘never say die’ attitude. The striker, recently spotted rocking a top with the Phobian emblem on it, was asked about this and was quoted as saying:

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More Than Just A Celebrity, Emmanuel Adebayor Goes To The Rescue Of The Alligator Kids

Aligator Kids


Togolese international football star-Emmanuel Adebayor, who has made Ghana his home and has embraced several industry persons as brothers, has once again showed that, he is an exceptional celebrity with a good heart.

To the surprise and joy of many, Adebayor is reported to have agreed to sponsor 3 children who have been attacked by a strange skin disease, which doctors at Jirapa, in the Upper West region, have failed to treat. The current medical bill run into several thousands of dollars and it is expected to increase as treatment continues.

Apart from the commendations coming from those who’ve heard of Adebayor’s move to save these children, many are of the opinion that, our celebrities should adopt Adebayor’s kind heart—and do more to help the poor.

According to The Chronicle;

Mr. Adebayor, The Chronicle gathered, has already mandated his agent, Fred Nuamah, the Executive Director of Ghana Movies Award Foundation, to liaise with all persons and organizations trying to assist in treating the children.

In a telephone conversation from his base in the United Kingdom, Adebayor said he got to know about the plight of the children through a lady, Faustina Dakora, late last year. He subsequently asked Fred to contact the children through the lady, for further discussion.

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