Time, Date, Venue and More – All the Details for Ray Styles’ One Week Celebration


The family of Ray Styles have made provisions for his one-week commemoration to come on as required by tradition. A flyer of the event is making its way online and we’ve come across it. According to this flyer, the one week commemoration for Ray Styles will come off in Haatso on Friday, October 9th. READ … Read more

Appreciation – Seriously Sick Ray Styles Finds Energy to Thank Ghanaians for Saving His Life


Ray Styles – the sick Ghanaian artiste known for being the founder of ‘Penciled Celebrities’ has spoken up to thank Ghanaians for donating swiftly to raise the money needed to help him undergo surgery. In a video recording, Ray expresses appreciation for the immense amount of love people have shown him. READ ALSO: Video – … Read more

Greedy Ghanaians Set Up Fake GoFundMe Pages to Trick People to Donate to Them In the Name of Sick Pencil Artist


A bunch of greedy and morally bankrupt people have started up fake GoFundMe pages to try and profit off the sickness of seriously sick Ghanaian artist Ray Styles. Emmanuel Apraku, also known as Ray Styles and founder of the company Penciled Celebrities, has been in the news due to a liver condition which has left … Read more