Former Kotoko Player Denies Being Ordained As A Fetish Priest


Augustine Sefa, former Ghanaian footballer has denied news that he has been ordained as a fetish priest in Kumasi. Not long ago, we brought to the public viral photos of the ex- Asante Kotoko Player covered in powder and wearing white robe with leave necklace like a fetish priest. READ ALSO: Photos: Former Kotoko Defender … Read more

Photos: Former Kotoko Defender Ordained As A Fetish Priest


Augestine Sefah, a former defender of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, is now an ordained fetish priest serving under one of the deities in the region. READ ALSO: While NPP MPs Were Dozing In Parliament, NDC MPs Were At Home Enjoying ‘Heavy Breakfast’ The former footballer’s photos have gone viral with him dressed in white gown and … Read more

19 Year old Fetish Priest Dies in Pathetic Attempt to Prove He Has Bulletproof Powers


The obsession with religion and superstition in this country has a myriad of harmful effects which are not always easy to predict but pretty easy to spot whenever they backfire.

A 19-year-old boy is dead this moment because he believed in the silly superstitions instilled in him since childhood that there are some spiritual powers in this world which can intervene on your behalf if you pray hard enough.

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