Film Distributors Association of Ghana to Go For Elections – After Failing to Do So Last Year

Stephen Asare Hackman
Stephen Asare Hackman

The Film Distributors Association of Ghana, which was established in 2002 with the objective of bringing sanity, peace, and understanding in film distribution and production, is finally going for congress after failing to do so last year.

GhanaClelebrities.Com had information that the current executives of The Film Distributors Association of Ghana have no powers to still hold office because their mandate elapsed last year. For verification, GhanaClelebrities.Com visited Opera Square where the association’s office is located.

We met the former President of the association and also a respected member, Mr. Steven Asare Hackman – also the President of the Film Producers Association of Ghana FIPAG. In his own words, Mr. Hackman confirmed “yes it is true the current executives don’t have the mandate to hold office, thus, per the Constitution of the association.

They – the executives were supposed to lead the association for 2 years and that elapsed last year – 31st December, 2014. However, the Constitution makes room for a grace period of 3 months for preparation for elections each time the old executives’ exhausts their mandate.”

Mr. Hackman also told GhanaClelebrities.Com that he is the Chairman of the electoral board for the association’s forthcoming elections which shall be held at Opera Square on 22nd March, 2014, 10am prompt. The key positions to be elected upon include: President, Vice President, PRO, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Operations Officer and other equally important positions.

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War On Piracy Hits Ghanaian Video Rental Shops!

War On Piracy Press Conference:From left to right John Issa, Malik Maduakor, Steve Hackman Mustapha Adams and Socrates Sarfo

Film Distributors Association of Ghana, in collaboration with Film Regulatory Board of Ghana, has issued a directive to start clamping down on operators of video rental shops in Ghana.
This is part of the association’s ongoing anti-piracy war to reduce the rate at which some unscrupulous persons are taking the law into their hands to pirate local movies.
At a press conference last week Thursday Maxlot Hotel in Accra, under the theme ‘War On Piracy’, the association said its members had not granted any video rental shop the right to rent their movies. As a result, any video rental shop that rented local movies was in contravention of Copyright Law, Act 6: 90.

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