Forget the Atheists & Those Who Say We Were Not CREATED But Evolved!

Evolution and Creation
Evolution and Creation

Do you believe that God created all things? If so, you’re not alone; many people share your view. But others say that life and the universe evolved—without the help of a “Supreme Being.”

Did you know that people on both sides of the debate are often quick to state what they believe without really knowing why they believe it. For example:

Some people believe in creation simply because that’s what they’ve been taught at church.

Many people believe in evolution simply because that’s what they’ve been taught at school.

First, we need to ask ourselves an even more basic question: Why do I believe in God?

Because the Bible encourages you to use your mind, “your power of reason.” That means our belief in God should not be based merely on

Emotion (I just feel that there must be a higher power)

The influence of others (I live in a religious community)

Pressure (My parents raised me to believe in God—or else)

Instead, we should be personally convinced that God exists and should have sound reasons for our belief.

When I was in secondary school (in Nigerian term), listening to my biology teacher explain how our bodies function, there was no doubt in my mind that God exists. Each part of the body has its own function, down to the smallest detail, and these functions are often carried out without our awareness. The human body truly is mind-boggling!.

When I see a skyscraper, a cruise ship, or a car, I ask myself, ‘Who built this?’ It takes intelligent people to build a car, for example, because so many small components have to work just right for the whole thing to function. And if cars have to be designed by someone, then so do we humans.

When you realize that it’s taken the most intelligent human minds hundreds of years to understand even the smallest fraction of the universe, then thinking that it took no intelligence to bring that universe into existence seems completely unreasonable!

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