Fans Shower Funny Face with Love As he Makes Comeback Online After Over A Month In Psychiatric Care – Video

funny face psychiatric

After over a month off social media, Funny Face is back online and looking better than ever. The comic actor has apparently regained his freedom after being sent to the psychiatric hospital to receive care after his latest relapse. Funny Face went deeper into mental illness than he ever has during his latest relapse. He … Read more

What Kind of Hospital Allows A Madman Constant Access to His Phone? – Ghanaians Bash Psychiatric Hospital

funny face psychiatric hospital

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital has come under fire from social media users over Funny Face’s constant ‘fooling’ online. The comic actor has been sent to the facility for a mental evaluation following his crazy antics the past couple of weeks. Funny Face took to social media to rain insults on his former mentors Bola Ray, … Read more