Gangnam Style is Not the Most Watched Video on Youtube Again–Record Has Been Beaten

Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style

South Korea’s music star-Psy’s poular hit song, Gangnam Style is no longer the most-watched video on YouTube–a positioned it has held for the last five years.
Gangnam Style “broke” YouTube’s play counter, exceeding the maximum possible number of views (2,147,483,647)–forcing Youtube to re-write it’s counter code, to be able to count further views
Now, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s video-See You Again has beaten Gangnam Style’s views on Youtube, as the video has received 2,895,373,709 views with Psy’s current count of 2,894,426,475 views.
See You Again is the soundtrack for Furious 7, written as a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident before the film was completed.
Check out the two videos below…

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AZONTO VS GANGNAM STYLE: Which Of These Has The Staying Power?


We all know that dance is a universal art. Different types of dance forms have evolved over the years ranging from Crunk, Shuffle, Harlem shake, Crip walk, Popping, Locking, Break dance and the likes.

We have also had countries and sect of people come up with their own dance moves. However in recent times, the two most popular dance moves which seem to have taken over the global scene are our evry own Azonto and Gangnam Style.

Personally, I think the Gangnam has a larger audience than Azonto even though critics say that it is a rip off of the Azonto. Whatever the case may be both dance moves keep cashing and drawing in hundreds and hundreds of lovers to it, through tutorials and parody videos all over the internet.

I have heard some people say, like all dance moves come and go the Azonto- Gangnam style is just a phase or era.  Hmm, is that true?  I know some are itching to make your pick based on one queer reason or another but wait a minute below is something brief on the dance forms you should consider before you make your decision.


Originally from Ghana, this dance is the fever that has dominated club, parties and tutorial videos all over the internet. According to Wikipedia, the dance “incorporates complex co-ordinates body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion in very few one-two timed steps. Just like most African dances, knee bending and hip movements are rudiments to dancing it. The dance has effectively evolved from a few rudimentary moves to embrace depictions of ironing, washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, and others.”

Most people say that the dance gained world wide audience from Sarkodie’s tune, You Go Kill Me‘which has over 1,320,420 Youtube views. However, ODG Fuse’s ‘Azonto‘  with 7,633,146 Youtube views, which shows you how to do the azonto steps has pushed the dance beyond far borders.

Watch U Media Films’ Azonto – Fuse ODG Feat. Tiffany below…




Out of the most unlikely place like South Korea comes a new dance that is steadily taking the world by storm. Korean singer, PSY has popularized the dance Gangnam style.

Gangnam style seems to be taking the winning prize as the most viral dance video. Though the moves are funny and cheesy, the video has gotten a total of over 1 Billion views on youtube. The dance is performed by doing a comical horse riding dance and footsteps. It also involves swinging an arm in circles over one’s head while still doing the leg movements. The dance video has gained popularity over the online community and is still growing by the second.

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