Becca, Itz Tiffany And Three Ghanaian Female Musicians Missing In Action – What Is Holding Them Back


Ghana’s quest to create a level playing field for both women and men in the music industry continues to lose its hold as most of its existing artistes disappear into thin air. It has been said that being a female artiste in the Ghanaian music industry can be quite challenging; add in marriage and childbirth … Read more

Freedom Jacob Caesar Oozes Class As He Is Captured As The Only Celebrity Who Attended OKD’s 60th Birthday Bearing Gifts – Video


Freedom Jacob Caesar was among the many public faces captured in attendance as Osei Kwame Despite celebrated his 60th Birthday celebration dinner. Ibrahim Mahama, Diana Hamilton, Majid Michel, Nana Aba Anamoah, Sammy Awuku, and many other notable personalities honoured their invitation to be a part of the remarkable event. READ ALSO: Shatta Wale Steadily Becoming … Read more

Ghanaian Celebrities: Do They Really Understand What this is All About?

Menaye Donkor shared this message few days ago
Menaye Donkor shared this message few days ago

I wouldn’t waste your time explaining to you who a celebrity is, because in our part of the world, anyone who appears on TV is placed into the shinning star box of celebrities. Even at the international front, being a celebrity today does not have any sort of real correlation with ‘to celebrate’.

But one thing both the deserving and worthy celebrity title holders in the West have in common is; they understand what being a celebrity is about—at least most of them do. It is about fame, it is about trading a huge percent of your privacy for silly things like red carpet appearances and turning yourself into a news punching bag so that the blogs, the tabloids and the newspapers can attack you from all angles. The Court even accepts this—to some greater extent.

The reality of life is that, you do not gain anything without having to give away something and the Western celebrities perfectly understand and embrace this.

The whole celebrity lifestyle and pop culture is alien to us but we love the West more than ourselves, so we’ve all bought into it, and since we even copy things of less substance from the West, this seems far better in value to be copied.

However, our celebrities and those who desperately want to wear the celebrity crown do not understand the relationship between a celebrity, the fans and the media. They want to become celebrities—in fact they believe they are but have no clue what the lifestyle entails.

I wouldn’t want to say they are ignorant because that does not capture it all, some are plainly stupid without any understanding of what part of their lifestyles people are keenly interested in…

No one really cares about Jackie Appiah’s Charity works, though we may pay occasional attention to that. Unfortunately, we are more interested in who she is ‘chopping down’ at night than which church she attends on Sundays.

In the world of celebrities, the only valuable news to the media and even the fans centre on what these celebrities do not want the public to know. There has always been an increasing tension of hide and seek between celebrities and the media and it will forever remain this way.

Can you imagine how far the kick-boxing between Solanage and Jay-Z travelled? My mother who does not even know who the heck Solange is had the ‘beat down’ footage on her phone. I am sure Solange does a lot of charity work and good things in this world but the media and even the real fans do not really care. Nothing Solange has done under the sun has gotten such attention before…

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BIG QUESTION: How Do You Tell The Real Celebrities From The Desperados?



For the past weeks or so since I joined GhanaCelebrities.Com as a contributor, I have been asking myself over and over again if we really have celebrities here in Ghana or rather let me put it this way, if we have real celebrities in Ghana.
Now, let me explicate my point here before I get the hit. There have always been this school of thought that; to every real thing there is also a fake which is true in every sense of the word.
This brings me to the case of whether we have real celebrities in Ghana. I have always believed that the word celebrity like other words such as ‘gargantuan’ and ‘unprecedented’ has been hackneyed by Ghanaians.
So many people including some supposed  “celebrities” are mystified by this word and what it stands for. Don’t get me wrong I am not in any way saying there are no real celebrities in Ghana but it seems the wannabes/fake/desperados are rather parading themselves as celebrities.
The true mission of my piece is to help tell the real deals from the fakes and also give people the true meaning and sense of who a celebrity is. At this point, let me tell you what a celebrity is widely defined as;

A celebrity is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media. The term is synonymous with wealth (commonly denoted as a person with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public.

Various careers within the fields of sports and entertainment are commonly associated with celebrity status. These fields have produced prominent figures within these two industries. That makes sports figures like Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, super “uber” models like Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, TV personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, artistes like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Drake, Chris Brown, actors like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jessica Alba, authors like Stephanie Meyer and J.K Rowling, Talk show hosts like Ellen Degeneres, Jay Leno and many others celebrities.
If you have realized I have touched almost all the various careers in the sporting and entertainment world (which gives us a broad spectrum of celebrities in these fields of endeavor).
Let me put this across, the tag celebrity does not come cheap as some people may think. Celebrities are not just individuals but brands who sell themselves as such. This status comes with its own responsibilities and privileges and I guess this is where many people fall short of.

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READERS’ MAIL: Ghanaian & Nigerian Celebs Stand The Risk Of Being Arrested In Dubai For Buying Fake Designer Products

The below email just came in from ‘Caramel’ who says she/he lives in Dubai. She/He claims to have made certain observations and wanted to let us know the possible out come if things continue…
Even though the E-mail seems to have been hurriedly put together, if carefully read, you can pick up the writer is looking to send across.
I have come cross a comment on here by a reader which seeks to suggest that, the GC team themselves put together some of the readers mail…This is never true.
I have therefore put below a screen shot of the email that just came through from Caramel for the various doubting Thomases…

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Praye Tiatia At War With Selorm Galley, Winner Of ‘Miss Goldenwood’ 2011 & Talent Hunt!

Praye Tiatia and Selorm Gallery

Praye Tiatia, the shortest member of the Praye group also known as Steven Fiawoo a.k.a. BIG J has turned a new leaf and changed overnight to spend enough quality time with his girlfriend for the fear of losing her to a rich man.
What triggered such a decision?
Many musicians don’t share the idea of revealing who they are dating to the general public. Though the public is aware who some of them are dating, many believe due to the womanizing attitude of some male musicians, it would be unreasonable for any of them to publicly name who he’s dating.

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Are Ghanaian ‘Stars’ Ready To Become Celebrities…



Being a celebrity in any part of the world comes with pockets of advantages and loads of disadvantages. In the West where the concept and practice of ‘Celebrityship’ is well understood, celebrities receive several freebies, huge attention and support for their works.

It is not always a beautiful day in the life of celebrity. Things get messy and harsh with several critics, fans and haters monitoring their every day doings solely to find faults and bash them for these flaws. This is the real life of a true celebrity and the true celebrities have accepted to live with this, finding reasonable ways around the various eagle eyes pointed at them all the time.

With our entertainment industries growing and mounting credibility, certain industry actors have been honoured with ‘celebrity status’. Whether they deserve this status or not is another piece to be considered next time.

The ‘celebrity status’ confirmed on these industry players have been fully accepted and this is evident in the fact that they glorify themselves with it and have even been enjoying the various benefits ‘freebies’ that come with ‘status’.

What is still worrying is that, unlike the West where celebrities face the pros and cons of the status they carry on their shoulders, our celebrities’ desire and only recognise the pros of the game.

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