Ghana Embroiled In Two International Disputes Involving Waterville And Cote d’Ivoire

map of Ghana
map of Ghana

The Attorney General has not exactly given a sterling account of herself to Ghanaians so far, but she needs to be on her best as two international disputes involving Ghana are brewing at the moment.

The most recent one involves Waterville, one of the companies at the centre of the Woyome scandal. Ordered to pay back the state Ghc25m wrongfully paid to them, Waterville Holdings is seeking the International Court of Arbitration to overturn the ruling.

The suit has been confirmed by the Attorney General’s office, and it is up to them now to build a suitable defence to uphold the ruling requiring paying back the money.

The other case, that has been brewing for a while and has officially opened today. That involves Cote d’Ivoire’s claim to some of Ghana’s offshore boundaries, and is being contested at the international Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

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