LIFESTYLE GUIDE: A Taste of Delicious Ghanaian Food in London? | Bongo Bar & Restaurant is Your Perfect Destination

Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya
Bongo Bar London-Akofem and Soya

London is multicultural and Ghana represents strongly on the spectrum of diverse cultures—ranging from our people, music to our food.

There are several Ghanaian restaurants scattered across London, just as there are several Ghanaians at every corner of London. But if you are looking for  a community of Ghanaians, the best place to locate them with ease is North London—some proudly call this place ‘the hub of Ghanaians.’

Being a popular choice for Ghanaians means almost every street has a Ghanaian restaurant—serving indigenous Ghanaian foods. I can vouch that almost all these restaurants are operated by proud Ghanaians but I can’t boldly say all the meals are of great taste.

This is where Bongo Bar takes the lead as my favourite Ghanaian restaurant, run by Ghanaians, which serves variety of delicious Ghanaian meals—with their TuoZaafi (TZ) being my top pick.

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