Asuoden Crooner, Sista Afia Shows Face Of New Boyfriend Shortly After Touching Down In Philly – Details


Snapchat users have been treated to a terrific piece of news about Sista Afia and her alleged new boyfriend. Apparently, the singer flew out of Ghana to meet her new boyfriend in Philadelphia, USA. The singer announced her new boyfriend in a beaded update on her Snapchat status as she goofed around with her new … Read more

Ghanaian Musicians Signing On Upcoming Artists Unto Their Record Labels is Like A Running Man Carrying Another Man At His Back

Okyeame Kwame
Okyeame Kwame

To the ears, it’s readily pleasing to hear an established Ghanaian artist announce that he or she wants to sign on an upcoming artist unto his or her record label – but in the deeper sense, it is the most risible remark or decision to make or take.

For whatever reason (s) – to show how ingenuous, business-minded, kind, discover talents, milk upcoming talents, etc. some household named or established Ghanaian artists came public to announce their move to sign on promising artists under their record labels or management outfits.

Unfortunately, 99% of those who did so have failed to impress themselves, the artists and the public at large. In short, they have goofed execrably! Award winning Hiplife musician, Okyeame Kwame, CEO of One Mic Entertainment, announced to the whole world that he has signed his blood brothers who go by the stage name Bradez unto his aforementioned record label.

For years, nothing positive was heard about Bradez as artists on One Mic Entertainment. Whilst speculations were rife and tongues were wagging, Okyeame Kwame came to tell the media that he is having management collaboration with Empire Entertainment. Per their memorandum of understanding, Empire was to take charge of Okyeame’s branding, marketing and events.

Today, whilst ‘The Rapdacta’ is making the headlines, his Bradez are still pushing all doors to become relevant once again but to no avail!

Celebrated Hiplife/Hiphop artist, Kwaw Kesse, CEO of Mad Time Entertainment, also came out to announce that he has signed his own brother by name Buda unto his Mad Time Entertainment Records.

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