My Husband Respects Me Because I Am Not A Gold digger And I Make My Own Money – Gifty Adorye Says


Gospel musician Gifty Adorye, also known as  Empress Gifty, says never has she depended on the riches of her husband to survive ever since they married. According to the gospel musician, her husband agreed to marry her because she never came across as a gold digger. Many rumored on social media that the gospel musician … Read more

I’m a Proud Gold Digger and I Pity No One – Actress Tonto Dikeh Says


Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has publicly confessed that she is a proud gold digger who pities no one. It has been a topic for discussion that most celebrities, especially women, take advantage of their fame to extort money from rich men. There are a lot of scenarios to mention to buttress the point above and … Read more

You Call Yourself A Man Yet Live Off A Woman’s Sweat – Serwaa Amihere Shames Casanova Male Celebs


Serwaa Amihere has made a post shaming men who do not want to work but depend on rich women for a living. According to the television news anchor and slay queen, you do not deserve to call yourself a man if you live off the hard work and sweat of a woman. She added that … Read more

True Love or Gold Digging? – Social Media Debates After Photos of Beautiful Lady Marrying Tanzanian Politician Peteo Magoti Popped Up


It began with a spectacular engagement and barely three months after that, Tanzanian politician Petro Itozya Magoti married his sweetheart Joyce. The assistant secretary for the Chama Chama Mapinduzi party (CCM) went all out with the wedding ceremony so much so that it caught the attention of international media. The wedding was attended by top … Read more

Alleged Ex-wife of Hushpuppi Makes Shocking Revelations About Their Marriage – Video


A lady claiming to be the ex-wife of convicted online fraudster Hushpuppi has brought a different angle to the already crazy story. The young lady who goes by the name Cece Megan, claimed in a video that she was married to Hushpuppi for two years. She disclosed that in their two years marriage, she managed to … Read more

Sarkodie Gives Professional Tips On How Stingy Men Dodge Bills From Slay Queens – Video


Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has assumed the role as the chairman for Stingy Men Association of Ghana and has given tips on how to dodge bills from slay queens. In a video making rounds on social media, Sarkodie was heard narrating how some slay queens called him to cleverly extort money from him and how he … Read more

Why Do Some Men Think Ladies Are Interested In Them Because Of Their ‘Non-existent’ Money

Gold digger


Is it not both funny as well as annoying when you hear a guy say ‘I’m looking for a woman who will love me for me, but not for my money’ and this particular guy don’t even have that kind of ‘wealth’ for a lady to even chase/be interested in? The manner in which men loosely tag ladies materialistic is not very fair. A guy is qualified to call a woman a ‘gold digger’ or ‘materialistic’ if he is truly ‘loaded’ (I’m not calling anyone poor). If you have a gold mine, you’re very qualified to call ladies gold diggers because you have the gold to be dug (but some ladies are not even interested in that gold).

Men know that money is sometimes/often a factor on the dating circuit. They want to be genuinely loved for who they’re. It is understandable that they don’t want to be taken advantage of financially, but it is not fair to think every lady is after a man because of what she can get from him. Some have this warp mentality that ladies of nowadays are looking for a man to provide for their needs. In many cases, women asking about the lifestyle of a guy are simply making casual conversation and sincerely trying to get to know their men better.

If a woman happens to ask a few wrong questions inadvertently, the gold digger label will be slapped on her fast by faulty, knee-jerk assumptions but  some of these supposed ‘little princesses’ aren’t really screening men if they’re capable of building castles in the air for them. Some of these guys also make their assumptions based on general ‘tagging’ or due to past bad relationships they’ve been through where a lady cleaned him out completely because ‘he was in love’ or he thought his heartthrob loved him so much…

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