Shocking! Joyce Blessing Mentioned Amongst List Of Women Deceased Gym Instructor Allegedly Slept With


The onward Christian soldiers have refused to fight the war of adultery. It was previously reported that a gym instructor was shot dead for sleeping with a married woman and the story has different twists than imagined.  Akumaa Mama Zimbi was the first to be revealed as his lover but another name has dropped on … Read more

Akumaa Mama Zimbi And 2 Other Sugar Mummies Were Allegedly Dating The Murdered Gym Instructor


There have been reports that a Ghanaian gym instructor identified as Little has been killed. Little was killed on Thursday morning by some thugs in Tantra Hill. According to reports, Little was confronted by thugs earlier in the day before he was killed at about 2:am on Thursday morning. READ ALSO: ‘Kurasinii Straight From The … Read more