Lydia Forson Tries Her Hands On Writing! She Talks To GC About Her Latest Work ‘Masquerades’, A Hilarious Christmas Family Comedy Movie!


There is something special about dark looking ladies who are gifted with enough flesh. I call it ‘enough substance’, for better want of a word. Bubbly Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson is one of such ladies who is blessed with ‘enough substance’ coupled with a dark skin and still looks confident, sweet and outspoken.

But what many people didn’t know about the 2010 Best Actress in Africa co-winner is the fact that, she is a promising writer. Lydia Forson co-wrote the script for ‘Masquerades’, a hilarious Christmas family comedy movie.

Why has she veered off to writing instead of concentrating on her acting career? Listen to her: “I did writing in school. I did creative writing in school. Unfortunately people don’t know that part of me. I love to write. I have been doing some kind of writing behind the scenes for some time now. I do script revision”, she confessed to GhanaCelebrities.Com.

‘Masquerades’ is a hilarious family comedy that explores today’s contemporary family life during Christmas. It is a movie with few casts – not relatively a serious story as compared to what Lydia has done over the years.

It is a movie that dwells on to what extent people will go to achieve their selfish thoughts. When self-ordained king of deception, Uncle Asante [Kataware] connives with his lawyer friend Nicholas [Adjetey Anang] to fake his death, he didn’t think of the aftermath of his actions.

His death forces his niece Nana Yaa [Lydia Forson] to return home for the funeral meeting Tunde Adams [Desmond Elliot], a family friend who has also returned from the UK. Tunde borrows things from a friend to make Nana Yaa happy, whiles she lies to keep him.

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