Hiplife Musician-Guru Says He Will Soon Become a Prophet As God Has Been Calling Him


Praise the Lord…Better shout Hallelujah as a new soul seems to be on the way for God.

The popular Ghanaian musician-Guru who brought us Lapaz Toyota, Alkayida and other hit songs have mentioned on a serious note that, he may soon become a prophet by honoring God’s call.

Making a donation in Kumasi at Baba Yara Sports Stadium over the weekend, Guru is reported by The Popular Newspaper as saying; “I see and hear so many calls from a strange voice speaking to me a number of times entreating me to come out but I have not paid ears to it. Most at times I feel scared to come out to tell the world what the voice instructs me to say. It is time I blow everything the voice echoes through me because whatever I am told by the voice always comes to pass”.

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