Honest Taxi Driver Gets Brand New Car From Dr. Lawrence Tetteh After Returning Missing Ghc 8,400 To Owner


The gifts keep coming for Kwesi Ackon, a Ghanaian taxi driver who did an act of God by returning an amount of Ghc8,400 a market woman left in his car. Ever since he did this honest act, he has been receiving life-changing gifts from the public. He has already received a Ghc20,000 gift from the … Read more

Honesty Pays – Taxi Driver Receives Ghc 20,000 from Dr Bawumia after Returning Fishmonger’s Ghc 8,000

taxi driver fish

Honesty doesn’t always pay, we live in a cruel world after all. But a taxi driver is reaping the rewards of honesty and it’s good to see. GhanaCelebrities.Com reported earlier today about a taxi driver who returned Ghc 8,000 he found in his car to a fish monger. We suggested something be done to reward … Read more