Hopeson Adorye’s Family Allegedly Attacks Empress Gifty – Calls Her Bad Luck


Gospel musician Empress Gifty and her husband Mr Hopeson Adorye have recently made headlines after the politician revealed he’s been sacked from his job. Aggrieved Hopeson Adorye recently revealed during a radio interview that he’s been dismissed from his work as a National Security official. According to him, he received a letter instructing him to … Read more

“Feeling Adorye’s Property” – Scores in Shock Over Video of Nana Boroo and Empress Gifty Burying Faces in Cleavage


Gospel musician Empress Gifty has always fostered a healthy relationship with secular artistes, as she’s recorded and performed with a few big names. Even though he is not hot, Nana Boroo is and will always be a big deal in the music industry. READ ALSO: Thick Thighs Save Lives – Michy Bares Flesh as She … Read more

Hopeson Adorye Locks Horns With Baba Sadiq Over Jeering Of Nana Addo At Global Citizens Festival


Hopeson Adorye and Baba Sadiq clashed on United Showbiz on who’s telling the truth about those who jeered President Nana Addo at the just ended Global Citizens Festival held in Accra. READ ALSO: Ei What’s This? – Scores React As Asantewaa Storms Client’s Wedding In Provocative Dress The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo was booed … Read more

Hopeson Can Cheat, I’ll Only Leave When He Beats Me – Empress Gifty Sadly Accepts Husband’s Chronic Womanising

hopeson adorye sidechick

Gospel musician Empress Gifty has sadly accepted her husband’s cheating behavior in a video gone viral. The popular gospel musician shot herself in the foot in a recorded video advising women in abusive relationships. Empress Gifty said in the video that she will never leave her marriage if she catches her husband, Hopeson Adorye who … Read more

Identity Of Slay Queen Trying To Snatch Hopeson Adorye From Gifty Uncovered – Screenshot


All is not well in the ‘peaceful’ home of gospel musician Gifty Adorye and her husband. Aside reports that Hopeson has been arrested and sacked from his cushy Airport job, there are hits of a certain  slay queen trying to wreck her marriage. Empress, in a latest rant, indicated that Hopeson Adorye’s alleged sidechick is toementing … Read more

Hopeson Adorye Is the Man of My Dreams – Empress Gifty Recounts How Her Husband Rescued Her from Being a Divorcee Forever And Evermore

gifty osei husband

In an interview on Prime Morning, Gifty Adorye referred to her meeting with Hopeson Adorye as a great miracle in her life. Jay Foley, one of two hosts, stirred this editorial the minute he led Ghanaian Gospel singer Empress Gifty into answering the question on how she met her husband. READ ALSO: Mona Gucci’s Overpowering … Read more

Empress Gifty Adorye May Have Revealed That Her Husband Is Into Married Women

hopeson adorye sidechick

Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet and everything is definitely not meant for the public. But some celebrities will choose to over share and reveal more than intended. Empress Gifty Adorye who has been parading her marriage as the best celebrity marriage is back again to disturb our ears with unwarranted knowledge. She chose to … Read more

My Husband Respects Me Because I Am Not A Gold digger And I Make My Own Money – Gifty Adorye Says


Gospel musician Gifty Adorye, also known as  Empress Gifty, says never has she depended on the riches of her husband to survive ever since they married. According to the gospel musician, her husband agreed to marry her because she never came across as a gold digger. Many rumored on social media that the gospel musician … Read more

Empress Gifty And Her Husband Celebrate 3rd Marriage Anniversary Amidst Cheating Allegations – Video


Gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye and her hubby Mr Hopeson Adorye are marking their 3rd marriage anniversary. Empress Gifty and her husband are chilling in the middle of the Christmas holidays. Today, December 29th 2021 has been an exciting day for the couple as they celebrate their union. READ ALSO: Just In – Joy FM … Read more

Empress Gifty Sends Most Lukewarm Birthday Message Ever to her Husband Hopeless – Check It Out

hopeson adorye abandons wife

Empress Gifty Osei has decided to wish her husband a happy birthday with the most lukewarm and milquetoast birthday message of all time. Today happens to be the birthday of NPP stalwart Hopeson Adorye, nicknamed ‘Hopeless’ by the numerous people he finds time to beef. Turns out Hopeson has a birthday and he’s celebrating it … Read more

You’re A Fool For Blackmailing Your Ex-boyfriend – Gifty Osei Gathers Vim And Faces Serwaa Broni


Finally, gospel musician Gifty Osei has gathered the courage to address recent issues about her husband, Hopeson Adorye and Serwaa Broni. Unfettered Empress Gifty Osei has called Serwaa Broni a fool for blackmailing her husband because he had something to do with her in the past. READ ALSO: Moesha Boduong Snubs Afia Schwar As She … Read more

I’m Done Fighting For People Who Keep Bringing Me Down – Empress Gifty Expresses Disappointment In Her Husband Amidst Serwaa Broni Saga


Politician Hopeson Adorye’s wife, Empress Gifty Osei is heartbroken! Gifty Osei is disappointed amid her husband sleeping with Serwaa Broni saga. Gospel musician Gifty Osei has dashed onto social with a strange reaction amid the Serwaa Broni brouhaha! She claims she’s done fighting because sometimes the same people you spend your time and energy fighting … Read more

Hidden Camera Captures Hopeson Adorye In A Hotel Room With Serwaa Broni – Photos


The most trending personality in GH right now is Serwaa Broni, a powerful Canadian-based Ghanaian woman who has exposed Akufo-Addo and Hopeson Adorye for allegedly hitting on her. Serwaa Broni and President Akufo-Addo are trending after Serwaa claimed that the President is threatening her life after their alleged romantic relationship ended bitterly. READ ALSO: Nadia … Read more

Audio Drops As Hopeson Adorye Is Exposed – Chat Between Him and Serwaa Broni Pops Up


The drama created by Akufo-Addo’s alleged sidechick, Serwaa Broni is still on – there have been updates upon updates but the story never seems to end. Apparently, a different angle of the story has dropped and it involves Serwaa Broni and Hopeson Adorye. An audiotape between the two personalities confirming that they were in a … Read more

We’ll Mercilessly Deal with You – NPP Barking Dog Hopeson Adorye Threatens Serwaa Broni


Nana Addo’s alleged side chick who has now taken over social media trends in grand style with her bedroom pictures with the president has been threatened by NPP’s barking dog, Hopeson Adorye. The politician has shared a cryptic message on his Facebook wall insinuating that Serwaa Broni will be laughing at the wrong side of … Read more

Captain Smart Reportedly Resigns From Onua TV


Wild reports which are currently making waves on the internet has it that controversial and loudmouth Captain Smart has resigned from Onua TV’s “Maakye Show”. It’s barely six months since the astute journalist joined the media house so the report of his resignation has come in as a complete shock to many Ghanaians. READ ALSO: … Read more

Twene Jonas Attacks Nana Addo With Insults Once Again After The NPP Reported Him To The FBI – Video


Even after being reported to the FBI, heedless Twene Jonas has shown no signs of stopping his insults on Nana Addo and our other leaders anytime soon. The political critic has descended on the sitting president once again with insults after Hopeson Adorye publicly revealed that he has reported him to the FBI. READ ALSO: … Read more

NPP Bootlicker Samini Joins Hopeson Adorye to Heap Insults On Jonas in America – Video


Ghanaian Dancehall grandpapa, Samini, has joined the likes of NPP’s Hopeson Adorye, and the other bigwigs in the party to bash Twene Jonas who is noted for calling out the ills and failures of our leaders. It is believed that Samini has been paid by some NPP chieftains to do damage control to Twene Jonas. … Read more

Fix the Country Allegedly Sacked Captain Smart After Dirty Bribes Were Discovered – Smart Cries and Begs on His Knees


Loudmouth Ghanaian journalist and honcho of the #Fixthecountry campaign, Captain Smart is said to have cried and begged for mercy on his knees after his other comrades sacked him from the team This juicy information was dropped onto the internet by NPP’s Hopeson Adorye who spoke with Daddy Freeze in a Facebook live session. READ … Read more

‘Wait And See’ – ‘Hopeless’ Adorye Angrily Threathens Twene Jonas Once Again Following His Re-appearance


NPP’s chieftain and leader of the #Fixyourself movement – Mr. Hopeson Adorye has angrily threatened Twene Jonas once again following his re-appearance on the internet after allegedly going missing for two days. Hopeson Adorye who has been nicknamed “Hopeless Adorye” by social media users has given Twene Jonas a week ultimatum to apologize to him … Read more

New Details Emerge As Hopeson Adorye Is Accused Of Killing His First Wife Auntie Maggie


Politician Hopeson Adorye has recently been trending for the wrong reasons after he set it his personal agenda to run down Twene Jonas. Hopeson Adorye has disclosed that he has gotten Twene Jonas kicked out of his apartment. Jonas is also reported to have been sacked from his work and is currently on a wanted … Read more

An American Brought Me Here So No Foolish Old Man Can Deport Me – Jonas Goes Live to Fire Adorye

twene jonas adorye

Twene Jonas aka ‘Glass Nkoaa’ has finally come live to reply to claims that he is about to be deported from the United States. Jonas says all those claims are nothing but bald-faced lies. Failed NPP politician and public nuisance Hopeson Adorye recently reported to Ghanaians from Queens in New York that Twene Jonas is … Read more

It’s Sad That Gifty Osei Is Following Such A Hopeless Man As A Husband – MC Yaa Yeboah Destroys Hopeson Adorye


Media personality, MC Yaa Yeboah has blasted politician Hopeson Adorye for allegedly pursuing ‘Fix The Country’ fighter Twene Jonas to be sacked from work. The loudmouth media personality has said that Mr Hopeson Adorye has lost his respect after stooping so low to fight someone who’s fighting for the betterment of the country. READ ALSO: … Read more

‘Official King Of The Mafia Gang’ – Diamond Appiah And Afia Schwar Eulogise Hopeson Adorye As Twene Jonas Faces Deportation

twene jonas adorye

Controversial Ghanaian socialites, Diamond Appiah and Afia Schwarzenegger have hailed politician Hopeson Adorye after reportedly getting Twene Jonas wanted in the U.S. A video went viral yesterday as Hopeson Adorye revealed that Jonas is currently hiding because he is facing deportation in America. According to him, Twene Jonas has been sacked from work, evicted from … Read more

Twene Jonas Reacts To Claims That He’s Wanted For Deportation – This Is What He Said


Hopeson Adorye has forced Twene Jonas out of his shell to comment about allegations leveled against him. News surfaced yesterday that Twene Jonas has been fired from his work place, evicted from his rented apartment and wanted in the states for deportation. The above information was shared by politician Hopeson Adorye. READ ALSO: Twene Jonas … Read more

Pray for Wisdom and Knowledge from God Because You’re Too Foolish – Blogger Slams Hopeson Adorye

hopeson adorye thosecalled

Top NPP official Hopeson Adorye has been slammed hard by blogger thosecalledcelebs as their never-ending beef continues. According to the blogger, even though he’s an old man, Hopeson Adorye has zero sense in his brain. She took to her social media pages to fire her latest missiles at him. According to her, Adorye is an … Read more

Empress Gifty Osei Runs To Husband’s Social Media Page As They Chop Love On Haters Head


Empress Gifty Osei’s husband, Hopeson Adorye has reaffirmed his love for his wife amidst the ragging controversies about his marriage. For the past few weeks, Hopeson Adorye and his wife have made headlines about some cheating allegations involving her husband. READ ALSO: Bobrisky Humilated After Being Caught Using A Male Washroom – Video Mr Hopeson … Read more