How Popular Are Our Ghanaian Celebrities? Let’s End The Delusion!

Jackie Appiah2

Celebrities all over the world have taken a pill of delusion—making them feel they are above certain things, untouchable or possess some sort of inherent superiority.

Most, it is the delusion which fetches them all the troubles they constantly find themselves in with the law, drugs and society…

Narrowing it down to Ghana, it is apparent that most of our Ghanaian Celebrities have taking the obstinate pill of delusion—making them think they are far popular than they are in reality.

And I do not blame them for their delusion; I think it mostly stems from the way and manner we easily give the celebrity cloth to people to wear in Ghana.

In Ghana, everyone on TV is equally a celebrity and the moment the person is tagged as such, he/she thinks the next Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson has arrived—measuring his/her fame beyond the rode.

Recently, I got into a discussion with a certain Ghanaian Celebrity (we call of them so) about why Nigerian TV personality Denrele did not know actress-Lydia Forson when he hosted the Channel O’ News Live in Accra.

According to this female Ghanaian Celebrity, what Denrele did was a total disrespect and Nigerians always do that to bring Ghana down.

I tried to get her to consider this; what if Denrele did not actually know who Lydia Forson is? And as a matter of fact, I will not be shocked if he does not know her and several of our so called celebrities—-because the noise and hype is only in Accra.

Unbelievably, this Ghanaian Celebrity could not make sense of my point, disregarding my assertion that most of these Ghanaian Celebrities are not that popular—beyond the soil of Accra.

I am the Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, the biggest and leading Ghanaian Entertainment/Celebrity online media property and yet, I do not know/have not heard of some of the people tagged Ghanaian celebrities—that is a fact…

Frequently, I find myself asking; what does this one too do? And the answer is always the same, he is a TV presenter or he was featured in some non-selling movie. Yet, the person has a celebrity status in Ghana!

I hangout with several Ghanaian Celebrities outside Ghana and to be frank, we all zoom through the crowd without anyone mostly noticing them.

Even if Oprah Winfrey was not known by some folks in Switzerland, what makes our Ghanaian Celebrities think they are so popular beyond measure—and that everyone should know them?

This piece is not to undermine the achievements or status of our Ghanaian Celebrities; I am seeking to establish how popular they really are—from your end…

I have several friends who are Ghanaians and do not know Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Okoro and John Dumelo—-simply because they do not probably watch Ghanaian movies. And if you leave outside Ghana that is the only way you will come across these people.

Equally, if you do not live in Ghana and do not watch any Ghanaian television, you will not know any of the many TV presenters tagged celebrities in Ghana.

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