How to AGE Gracefully…Don’t Say Marriage Makes People Age Faster


Some people age very gracefully while the same cannot be said of others. Some people age fast (faster). Men (majority) age gracefully but unfortunately a few women age gracefully. Some women claim ‘marriage’ accelerate faster aging but I don’t want to believe marriage makes people age faster; it’s the person you choose to marry who can/may contribute to your early wrinkling.

If marriage ages faster, then the singles will forever be young, look fresher and always look their age. So, it’s very ambiguous to say ‘you look young because you don’t have man problems’.  Forget good genes. Sometimes our lifestyles, carrying unnecessary baggage, making a big deal out of nothing, ‘worthless hustles’, peace, state of mind (worry and anxiety, unhappiness), among others facilitates quicker aging.

If we’re in happy situations, unions, families etc, it reduces our stress levels drastically – and that is why we should make good choices and take beneficial decisions in every area of our life.

But the issue is who is supposed to make unions a happy one, your spouse? No, a happy marriage is a product of conscious effort by both spouses. The quantity of contribution may differ, but both parties must put in something and make a conscious effort to make it happy. How we react to our problems, situations and people’s actions matters a lot. We always have control over our actions, but certainly not over other people’s actions so we have to take charge of what we have control over.

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