AkosuaVee's Style: Tips On How To Wear Yellow Clothes And Summer Saturday


Akosua Vee
Akosua Vee

One of the biggest color trends this summer is something slightly unexpected: it’s yellow.
I say unexpected because yellow isn’t a color that you typically see everyone wearing. Yellow is bright, it’s loud, it’s in-your-face – it’s a bold color, and it’s not something you wear if you’re trying to play it safe.
I also know a lot of people who say that yellow isn’t flattering on them. As someone who loves wearing black, white, and brown, I’ve always felt the same way.
But then one year, I found myself buying a pretty yellow tank top to match a skirt I wanted to wear. I was honestly so worried about wearing the outfit, because it was a little out of my comfort zone, but it looked great! It ended up being one of my favorite outfits.

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