Can You Spot The Difference? – Social Media Left In Awe As Ghanaian Actress Shares Photos With Her Twin


Ghanaian actress Borga Silvia and her twin sister have their fans on social media guessing who amongst them is the actress and who is not with some photos they shared online. Borga Silvia and her identical twin sister, Afia Pokuaa, looked stunning in 10 stunning photos she shared on her Instagram page a few days … Read more

Identical Twin Brothers Set To Marry Identical Twin Sisters In A Beautiful Ceremony – See Photos


Pre-wedding photos of a set of identical twin brothers who will be marrying a set of identical twin sisters in Nigeria has left smiles on the faces of social media users. READ ALSO: Good News – Despite’s Son Kennedy Osei And His Wife Welcome Twins The photos and videos have gone viral wit many asking … Read more