Former South African President, Jacob Zuma Dragged To Court By His Third Wife Over ‘Chop-money’


There was drama at the Durban Magistrate’s Court yesterday, 18th August as former South African President, Jacob Zuma was dragged before the court by his third wife, Tobeka Madiba over housekeeping money. READ ALSO: Bobrisky Explains Why He Decided To Change His Gender – Insults All Men In The Process The former President was represented … Read more

South African President Jacob Zuma ‘Falls Asleep’ During Budget Speech


3-2Perhaps he had one long night so the only way to make up for the night was to sleep during a budget reading in parliament—who is even blaming him, it is not like he was being given a lap dance.
South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma has been in the news for the past couple of months at the back of corruption so it was likely a moment of relief for the president when all eyes turned to his finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, who presented a much anticipated budget statement in parliament on Wednesday.

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South African President Promises 50,000 Rands to HIV Positive Citizens Who Tattoo their Status Near their Genitals

Well this is not surprising to me, because I always thought President Jacob Zuma was a big joke. Multiple reports from South Africa say that Jacob Zuma has signed a bill that guarantees 50,000 rands [about 16,000 cedis] to confirmed HIV positive citizens who tattoo their status near their genital area. According to Vanguard Nigeria, … Read more