Mama Buari MUST Step in to Protect Nadia Buari from SCAMS

Nadia Buari1
Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari has had her own share of men and by this I mean some pretty bad stories are out there about her love affairs with Michael Essien, Fally Ipupa, Dede Ayew and now the most scandalous is Jim Iyke.

It seems Nadia Buari is a weak woman when it comes to her dealings with men. To people like me, I just don’t understand what she wanted or was doing with Jim Iyke in the first place. I am not shocked about the break up and the emails that have emerged about how Jim Iyke is a fraud, played Nadia Buari and also being a thief.

I am actually not a big fan of Nadia Buari but I will stand up for her against any man will take the piss out of her as a woman, especially if it is coming from someone like Jim Iyke.

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I think Nadia Buari has lost control when it comes to men, considering how she even made a decision to date Jim Iyke who we all know is not worth any piece of her. I therefore think Nadia Buari’s mother who she claims to love so much must step in to protect Nadia Buari from some of these men.

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