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Nadia Buari is undoubtedly a celebrated Ghanaian entertainment goddess, armed with mesmerizing beauty and pure elegance aside from sensational talent. The gorgeous actress is admired for her talent and is often the subject of news and speculations. READ ALSO: Jackie Appiah Son Age, School, Photos, Father, Car – All You Need to Know In this … Read more

Nobody Breaks My Heart – Nadia Buari Sends Coded Message To Essien, Jim Iyke And Co – Video


Screen Goddess Nadia Buari has sent a coded message to all her ex lovers including former Chealsea player Micheal Essien in a new video. The gorgeous actress addressed heart breaks in relationship in a video shared on her Instagram page and in the video had a letter to the EXs. READ ALSO: The Country Really … Read more

Jim Iyke is Not Happy for Nadia Buari? : GhanaCelebrities.Com Asked Jim Iyke Why He Had Not Tweeted to Congratulate Nadia Despite Tweeting A Lot of BS | He Replied Us & Quickly Deleted His Reply But We Had It Captured + MORE

Jim Iyke
Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke’s name has been running around as the disappointed father of Nadia Buari’s twins—by this, we mean, the man who wanted to be the father but lost the race to whatever/whoever. And to be frank, we know when Nadia Buari decided to end things with the Nollywood star, he couldn’t believe his butt was being dumped—and as such, GhanaCelebrities.Com suspected he may have something to say about Nadia Buari’s birth.

In a rocket way, we went straight for Jim Iyke on twitter to ask why he had not congratulated Nadia Buari like the others have done though he has been active on the social media site tweeting a lot of BS and as always, he came back attacking. And then when he realized how lame his reply was, he quickly deleted it—but it was too late because we had it captured. After deleting the tweet, he also BLOCKED us…

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari became an odd item somewhere last two years but the relationship could not last. In May 2014, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that Nadia Buari had ditched Jim Iyke, citing his anger as the main reason.

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Well Dodged Nadia Buari: Jim Iyke is a FRAUD, a THIEF & His TB Joshua’s Deliverance Was FAKE Says Jim’s Friend-Emma Agu

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke
Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

Few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the news that Nadia Buari has dumped Jim Iyke’s butt over his BAD temper—though true, Jim is pretty upset, saying his friend leaked the break up story…

Also, I think you should get a popcorn and sit down for the unfolding drama as Jim Iyke’s best friend-Emma Agu who is also the editor of the Nigeria FM has decided to remove the veil—calling Jim Iyke a fraud, a liar who couldn’t stop lying to Nadia Buari and his ex-Kenturah Hamilton as well as trying so hard to get back with Kenturah.

Emma Agu decided to publish his email exchanges with Jim Iyke and it is in these emails you get to catch up on the drama.

That1960Chick.Com has arranged the emails in order for you to perfectly understand.

Let’s bring the popcorn out and start reading…

Emma Agu hit out first when he wrote

‘The most sickest creep and a criminal that walk the face of the earth, (Jim Iyke), called me some minutes ago and called me all kinds of names. He is accusing me of destroying his relationship with Nadia Buari.

This overrated son of a bitch with his amateurish acting skills thinks his name can bring any good to a writer or a blogger. The man with a tainted name, a rogue who has burnt every bridge he stepped on, is trying to hold me responsible for what ever misfortune that has fallen him in the last 72 hours.

So this mountebank sneaked into New York around 5 am 3 days ago, and did everything to keep it a top secret until the bubble bust right in front of him. When I got the hint that James was in Keturah’s house, I thought Keturah was lying. The girl said James came claiming that his relationship with Nadia Buari was over. She also said James (Jim) came to pick her up for Nigeria. I told her this guy might be lying.

As a brother and one this crook calls ‘a confidante,’ I sent him an email which he never replied. He wanted to make sure Keturah never told me about his arrival to the extent he threw me under the bus. He lied against me and told Keturah stuff that got both of us into a heated argument.

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Did He Really Say That? Jim Iyke Says He Is Going To MARRY Nadia Because His Family Members Love And Adore Her

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke


GhanaCelebrities.Com ended its skepticism concerning the Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke’s  ‘chopping down affair’ when the two were spotted on several occasions sharing a hotel room at Trassaco in Accra —some weeks ago.

Following that, Jim Iyke’s supposed deliverance at T.B Joshua’s church also came to pass—something most people considered as a plot to drag Nadia Buari deeper into the chopping down affair.

Now that the little demons that prevented Jim Iyke from finding Love and getting married have been weeded out, popular street talk is that he is definitely going to marry Nadia Buari

According to reports; Jim Iyke has come out to say he intends to marry Nadia Buari because his family members love and adore her …

I am not sure if what is important about marriage is what your family actually thinks about the woman—-pretty ridiculous.

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