Revealed – Study Uncovers That Judas Iscariot Sold Jesus To the Romans for Ghc 51


The amount of money Judas Iscariot made after selling Jesus Christ to the Romans has always been described as 30 shekels of silver. It’s a figure we always heard of but never knew exactly how much it costs in our own terms. Well, Kwame A Plus has broken it down to everyone’s understanding. READ ALSO: … Read more

Man Playing Judas In Easter Play Mistakenly Hangs Himself


A man playing Judas in a reenactment of the final days of Jesus life has died after he mistakenly hung himself.

Jose Ignacio G, of Barranquillas in western Mexico, was demonstrating how Judas might have hung himself by placing his neck within a noose and standing on a bucket, when somehow the bucket fell under him and he was strung up.

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