Stop Airing Your Dirty Laundry Online Like An Immature Person – Peeps Bash Xandy Kamel For Bashing Ex-Husband


Xandy Kamel has been asked by Ghanaians to stop airing out her dirty laundry in public after she went live to blast her ex-husband. In a live video on her YouTube page, Xandy narrated all the pain and humiliation she had to endure during her time of marriage to her ex-husband, King Kaninja. According to … Read more

Kaninja Exposes Delay And Xandy Kamel, Accuses Xandy Of Being A Lesbobo And A D1rty Wife


Ghanaian sports presenter, Kaninja has finally reacted to accusations by his ex-wife, Xandy Kamel that he was a slob during their short marriage. In a lengthy post shared on Instagram, Kaninja revealed that Xandy could not even lay her the bed and sweep their room during the time they were married. According to him, she … Read more

Xandy Kamel Becomes Emotional As She Sadly Reveals How Her Ex-Husband Body Shamed Her Infront Of His Side Chick And Friends


Xandy Kamel has narrated how her ex-husband Kaninja humiliated her in front of his side chick and family members. Xandy told Delay in a recent interview that she had visited Kaninja’s family members to resolve an issue and also gift them some Christmas items.But when Kaninja saw her, he started body shaming her and called … Read more

Bombshell! Xandy Kamel Allegedly Going Mad Over Divorce From Her Husband – Asked To See A Psychologist

xandy kamel marriage collapse

Bombshell! Xandy Kamel is allegedly going ‘mad’ over her divorce from her husband. Things are getting murkier between Xandy Kamel and her husband King Kaninja. A report circulating on social media indicates that the whole cheating and divorce saga is affecting Xandy Kamel mentally. READ ALSO: You’re A Fool For Blackmailing Your Ex-boyfriend – Gifty … Read more