Key Management Team Members You Need For a Successful Music Career


As a musician, the team you build to help you with your career is very important just as the quality of music you make. Having the right management team is critical to the success of every artist.

Every successful recording artist has become that way because of their talent and the management team that works to build his/her career. Many recording artists may feel comfortable enough in their talent to believe that is all that is needed to succeed but they quickly discover that is not the case.

If you want to take your career to the next level, then you have to work with a team that understands the industry and work diligently to get your music out to the public.

Take a look at the key members that are supposed to be on your team and the role they should play in making your dreams come true.

Personal Manager

Your personal manager should be the most trusted and important person or persons within your team, and in some way, he or she will be the CEO of the brand, which is YOU!

Your manager’s job is to guide and counsel you for the building of your brand. In addition; your manager should assist you in the administrative tasks associated with the business of music, and advise you on important business decisions.

Your manager should have an understanding of the music industry especially contract and intellectual property law, deal making, publishing, royalties, booking, touring, accounting, and marketing and business planning.

He or she should have at least a detailed plan as to how they are going to take you from zero to “Music Hero” in a reasonable amount of time.

Bad management can really mess up your chances of ever succeeding in the music business no matter how talented you are.

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