I Killed Tutu After He Defrauded Me – Ada Woman Confesses


Kumawood actor, Tutu died under a mysterious circumstance a few weeks ago. The actor reportedly fell ill for a while and died later. Following his death, his mother accused unnamed colleagues in Kumawood of killing him as some pins were reportedly retrieved from his throat. The latest update on his death is that Tutu was … Read more

Watch Sad and Shocking Final Moments of Kumawood Actor Tutu on his Deathbed – Video

kumawood actor osei tutu

A sad and shocking video of the final moments of Kumawood actor Tutu has surfaced online following his death. The video shows him as he looked in his final days before his unfortunate passing. Tutu lay on a bed looking weak, frail and sick beyond measure. It was obvious these were his last days. The … Read more

Kumawood Actor Tutu Is Dead

kumawood actor osei tutu

Kumawood actor Tutu is dead! The most shocking news of the day is sadly in and its heartbreaking to bear. Kumawood actor Osei Tutu, popularly known as Tutu is dead. Tutu died on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022. He was 51. Kumawood Actor Tutu is Dead! Reports say Tutu died after succumbing to a short illness. … Read more