A Jealous Wife Gives Her Husband A Lesson Of His Life; Arouses Him And Cuts Off His Manhood


A 24-year-old Thai woman whose name has been given as Karuna Sanusan is in Police custody for hacking off the manhood of her husband  Siripan, 40. The Mirror reports that Karuna has confessed to the act. She says she waited until her husband was deep in slumber, aroused him until he became hard and slashed his organ … Read more

Determination Always Pays Off Is No Cliche : Valuable Lessons I Learnt From The Movie "Creed"


CREED-9-1200x674_optOnly heaven knows why I have missed out on this movie all this while. I’ve had it on my pen-drive for a long while but I’ve not being moved to watched it until today. I don’t know if tears welling up is from how good the movie is or how valuable I’ve picked up a few lessons for me. I understand the outrage now when it missed out in the Oscars.
The movie creed taught me a value lesson of fighting on and making a name for yourself, even when all odds are against you. It doesn’t matter how big the battle is, you’ve just got to keep going and prove YOURSELF right.

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