Stop LGBT Arrests Or Risk Losing $360m Aid – World Bank, State Department Warns Ghana


The World Bank and U.S State Department has called for leaders in Ghana to respect the rights of LGBT people in the country or risk losing foreign aid. In separate statements following the arrest of 21 suspected LGBT people in Ho for simply holding a meeting, the bodies have called for tolerance in Ghana. The … Read more

Accepting LGBT Rights Would Make Ghana Greater And Stronger – Idris Elba Advices Ghanaians


World-renowned actor Idris Elba, a British star with Ghanaian origins, has called for Ghanaians to stop violence and intolerance against the LGBTQ community and instead accept them into our hearts. According to Elba, accepting the rights of this marginalized community would make Ghana a far greater and stronger nation! Elba added his name to 67 … Read more

Two Lesbians Caned By Malaysian Sharia Court For Chopping Themselves Down In A Car


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It might be tempting for Ghanaians to smile at countries which still run the barbaric law dubbed Sharia when they punish the LGBT crowd but it often runs much deeper than that, touching on other barbaric punishments like cutting off of limbs for stealing and punishing adultery with caning or worse.
In Malaysia, two lesbians have been punished by caning after being convicted of having s*x in a car.

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