We Are Too Poor To Be Thinking Of Legalizing Homosexuality – Mustapha Hamid


The issue of homosexuality has made it back into the news after UK Prime Minister, Theresa May offered to help African countries including Ghana to decriminalize it. Theresa May earlier this week blamed colonialism for turning Africans against homosexuality and ventured to help in correcting the mess they created by making Africans believe it was … Read more

Man Murders Friend For Adding Him To Gay Whatsapp Group


Talk of the height of intolerance. In most parts of the world homosexuality is still a very touchy issue for most people, and even though it has been legalized in some parts, the rest of the world is still finding it hard to come to terms with the phenomenon of same-sex loving. The fear of … Read more

Amnesty International Calls On The USA To Reconsider Deportation Of Ghanaian Homosexual Seeking Asylum


Being a homosexual in Ghana is one of the worst things a person can be. Apart from having to deal with crappy conditions of living and doing your best not to get killed over someone’s negligence, you have to deal with people who claim to hate you getting all up in your business. Or all … Read more